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Fandumb #87: Just Super Sayin'


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This is a non-profit parody.

Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I wouldn't blow up this planet if you were the last SUPER SAIYAN on Earth!

Please comment and enjoy.
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davidshadow275's avatar

well the super saiyan is nerfed now this day, since Z, so I'm not complaning today, I can understand your art and the intention of it

LiseRocksLitandArt's avatar

Hey, friend Cell N Bomb wanted know if he can dub this comic that you made.

shadow1490's avatar
can I used your comic for a comic dub please
Toshi-the-Panda-1996's avatar
If that happened in the movie, it would've been the funniest freaking thing in Dragonball history, and that's saying a lot considering how many funny moments actually exist in this franchise 😂😂😂
TheCurryAstute's avatar
whelp Frieza, you fucked up
CartoonGoblin's avatar
So you were the one who made this? I became eware of this comic by someone who dubbed it. I really like it!
I honestly can imagine Frieza's voice saying this, but it's still funny.
gerardIV's avatar
XDXDXDXD a great reference of Spongebob
XephosBishop's avatar
I love Frieza's face I the last panel xD
Oppai-Exedra's avatar
Krilin a Super Sayan?!! by Witchking00  Just Super Sayin' :thumbsup::XD:
andsg's avatar
"me-ow" that's our master Karin. So much sass in that meow. Hahahaha
Blue-Eyes3000's avatar
Lol Freiza all the Super Saiyans! Looks like the legend isn't very legend anymore.  Universe 6 can transform into ssj easily. 

Freiza: Filthy monkeys!
leehiepeleg's avatar
and then gotenks super saiyan 3 appears
SonicTheDeviant's avatar
AirMasterParker's avatar
Hey, I remember this Spongebob Episode :XD:
LSSJGoku53's avatar
SSJ Goten: Don't forget about m-

*Freiza death beam*

Goku: FREIZAAAAA!! *Out of nowhere masters Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan 3...Why didn't I just say blue?*
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OCreation's avatar
OneCallGat's avatar
Frieza: F**k this planet I'm a going home.
NeoMatrix000's avatar
This is beautiful xD
Suiquila9's avatar
Even if the canon never creates situations like this, I won't care cuz these comics are good enough. XD
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