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Fandumb #56: Leggo My Lego

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The sheer multitude of properties Lego has access to that they could compile in this game is actually beginning to get to me. I mean, Homer Simpson in the TARDIS racing Glados driving the DeLorean through time while fighting off velociraptors from Jurassic World.

Please comment and enjoy.
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FrancisJeremyXavyer's avatar
Welp, it's all ending now so we'll never see them now!
ImdaBatman's avatar
Bats hears people go on and on about that world's superiority to his enough as it is
Cliffjumper727's avatar
I wouldn't go in there guys.

The mouse is merciless...
Bbaltierra's avatar
Jokes on the mouse his game got cancelled while this one became more successful.
Cliffjumper727's avatar
Sadly, the last wave is the final wave for Dimensions. It was one hell of a ride though. 
Bbaltierra's avatar
It sure was.😔
Cliffjumper727's avatar
And we finally close the book on the Toys to Life Craze. A moment of silence please.

Toys to Life Craze: 2011 - 2017. R.I.P
Bbaltierra's avatar
At least it was a better crossover.
Zeki-Tak's avatar
Am I able to dub this for a review of Lego Dimensions? :3
ElementalSunburst's avatar
Yeah leave out Marvel and Star Wars but, put the Simpsons in the game... Nice move developers.
DarthSpiderMaul's avatar
That was before Disney got the rights for Simpsons..
tdwinnerfordinner's avatar
At first I thought that LEGO Dimensions would never get Marvel or Star Wars figurines because Disney Infinity already had them. But with the demise of Disney Infinity, I saw an article suggesting Warner Bros. interests in promoting those properties as part of a possible partnership with Disney. Of course, being a news article, I take it with a grain of salt and see what happens (I mean they're not yet showing up in 'Season 2' of the game so yeah.)
roisepoise101's avatar
Batman: Shouldn't we least go to the star wars world since it's the reason why the Lego games are so popular.
Gandalf: We definitely would, but WB doesn't want us helping worlds owned by other companies.
Batman: What about the Ghostbusters and Sonic the Hedgehog we don't own them.
Gandalf: By other companies, I mean't Disney.
Batman: Oh, that makes sense.
GalvaEmperor's avatar
Hit the nail right on the head. Disney's gotten so big I doubt WB would want to give them any more ammo. Hench the lack of SW and Marvel in LD.
roisepoise101's avatar
falconvillager's avatar
They don't need to go there...
Or will they?
MattyBoi02's avatar
AshleyWolf259's avatar
Bart Simpson: Hey, don't I know you from somewhere? *Look's to Sonic the Hedgehog*
KujaroJotu's avatar
Spider-Man: Really, you'll put in Sonic the Hedgehog, The Goonies, The A-Team, Adventure Time, and Teen Titans Go, but not me or Star Wars?! I mean seriously; TEEN TITANS GO?! WHAT THE F$%K?!

Batman: Yeah, we're still scratching our heads on who approved Teen Titans Go, but I'm afraid we still can't put you guys in.
Bbaltierra's avatar
To be honest, Disney is way too greedy and protective of their IP’s. Even if Marvel and Star Wars were not actually made by Disney
Flimflanboy's avatar
Glados can't drive anything. She's a ceiling-mounted computer.
PineappleWarrior's avatar
maybe the ceiling can move. check mate
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