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Fandumb #55: Bite Your Parseltongue



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Over the last couple months and for the first time, I read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets through the Order of the Phoenix. Before I had only read books 1, 6, and 7. If there's one thing I definitely like more in the books than the films, it's the books' depiction of Dumbledore (he's much calmer and cooler). If there's one thing I definitely like more in the films than in the books, it's the way in which they changed some of the scenes to make them cleverer or more spectacle-filled (i.e. the scene where Ron destroys the locket or the way in which Harry gets Lucius to set Dobby free).

Please comment and enjoy.
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LOL. Interesting. I didn't think McGonagall was hot. I much prefer the cute guys like Harry, Ron, Seamus and Cedric.