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Fandumb #54: Good Bad News

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I guess to make up for lack of Steven Universe comic last week and lack of new episode today?

Please comment and enjoy.
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Pearl is the best bird mom.

Steven: Hello and welcome to Steven's donuts! We have cookie cat donuts, Giant woman donuts, and much more! What would you like? Pearl: Steven I didn't mean-

triangledemon's avatar

how come steven was always so short

Endermob11's avatar

Because for the most part, his gem side kinda stunted his growth. He remained the same for a long time.

bahamutBC's avatar
dudebladeX's avatar
Ah, remember back when we would have considered Pearl to be the unreasonable one in this kind of comic?

Good times.
NamurSiad's avatar
Every fat kids dream
Mine is having a pizza place
I wouldn't call Stephen fat.
StarlightDawnGlimmer's avatar

Are you kidding? I know he’s fat before I knew he’s a Gem

TrustyArts's avatar
These Steven hands lmao
ClemansProductions's avatar
Ok, Pearl you make the shop, just make sure Bibleman's not around
Princess-Level-Up's avatar
You have to credit Pearl on her creativity here. I mean, making your own donut shop? That's awesome!
neoDualism's avatar
the only dangerous thing here is steven's mad yaoi hands
ThatGuy4545's avatar
Those are some giant fingers.
Marryhappy167's avatar
Wow steven gets a donut shop to himself!
Lotus-Scar's avatar
What would probably happen is they'll make a donut shop and people from beach city will come and they're like aw sweet moar donuts and Steven's at first like yes this is great but then feels bad cause the big donut will have to be closed forever and he sulks for a bit and hears panic and a corrupted gem crashed into the temple and is eating all the donuts and it's shaped like a donut cause it's eating donuts and then they have to fight it and bubble it and close their donut shop and the big donut's open again AND EVERYONE'S HAPPY AGAIN. 

But steven's only allowed outside with a chaperone XD
UnderTrash328's avatar
That would be a great episode to be honest
RainBoundEevee's avatar
But, Pearl! Construction is dangerous!
Guntherson962's avatar
Not to children and oblivious old people, they look like they're about to get hurt but get saved by something at the last second.
THAT right there is a literally old cliché.
Philip-Boom's avatar
Jeez, overprotective much?
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