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Fandumb #53: Avengers Pre-Assembled



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I saw Age of Ultron this weekend and considering the reviews it was getting, it was about what I expected. I thought it was pretty good, but not amazing. One of the things I think that prevented it from being as highly praised as the original (despite the fact that it was somewhat derivative of the original and obviously couldn't recapture the same hype of uniting our heroes for the first time) is the fact that it actually tried to tell us a real story. The original Avengers film, for all the praise and adoration it gets, I think is so well-received because it's recognized to be a massively entertaining slew of action scenes, one-liners, and fun interactions between really likable characters.

Age of Ultron isn't totally lacking in any of these things, of course, but by trying to convey more complex issues, heavier themes, and a more traditional and serious storytelling experience, it draws attention to the less-than-amazing things that are present in both Avengers films. The plot's a bit all over the place, the story isn't exactly the most original or captivating piece of writing ever conceived, and the various characters' respective issues and arcs are fairly shallowly explored. These were issues in both the films. However, with the first Avengers, these were also issues that the film basically made into non-issues. Because of the way the film was structured--as a high octane trip of laughs and smashing--we didn't really care if it didn't deliver the highest quality storytelling experience. The movie was an experience all its own. Age of Ultron, however, definitely is trying to deliver something of a legit story, and in doing so, it makes a whole lot of compromises that bog down the overall experience. Compromises that the original Avengers movie managed to more or less sweep under the rug for no one to either notice or care.

If I were to rank it among the other Marvel films (which I do), I would personally place it below the first Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Winter Soldier, but probably above nearly everything else. I definitely think it's a good movie. It has some pretty funny jokes, nice action sequences, and even some fairly compelling drama here and there. However, my hope is that when the Infinity Wars come around, the studio will try to remember what it was that really made the first Avengers such a smash hit with both critics and the box office.

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