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Fandumb #42: Exactly What He Seems

By Neodusk
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Gravity Falls? More like Gravity Fails. Because of all the Zero G in that episode. GET IT.

Please comment and enjoy.
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Wow, you draw gravity falls characters SO well!

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Stand? Is that a friggin JoJo's Reference??
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Sometimes i do that too. Sometimes.
Gurdim's avatar
nice xD

about the gravity fails?…

sorry, Donald saw it coming, a decade before!

(wow supapowas! :O)
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Hilarious in Hindsight
Gurdim's avatar
eh yeah XD woah that reminds me that I still have to check that story xD
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Loved it, that was awesome. xD 
Spot on artwork as well, really nice. (y)
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OMG THAT'S ME!!! Weakness-ungnome gravity falls bill cipher intensifies GIF Gravity Falls - AAAH THE JOURNALS!!!! GIF Gravity Falls - Celestabellebethabelle 
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Hey look its me in a nutshell
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you can totally be an animator... nice skilz btw!
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Me trying to be witty on the Interwebs.
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Gravity Falls! WEIRDMAEDGGON!!
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I can see this as something dipper would do!
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I don't even stay up till 3 XD  (I mean sometimes with friends, but other than that I usually either get bored or tired XD)
Epicsonicfan1234's avatar
how does he STANd staying up so long

I'm so good at jokes
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Oh boy, 3:00 am! Patrick (Santa) 
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Idk why but the last panel is so funny. XD
zopdog's avatar
Sometimes i can relate to dipper on a spiritual level
ethanhey's avatar
wait I don't underSTANd this comic
Artsyferret's avatar
I don't underSTANd how Dipper even comes up with this stuff! Teehee, I'm so clever.
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Actually Stand-Up comedians don't improvise their performance, they write it out ahead of time and practice. Primarily for this reason, you don't want to stutter over your words.
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Jokes are hard to think up. :P
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So, I finally gave in and watched a few clips from the show, and I liked what I saw, but I was legitimately surprised by how deep Dipper's voice is. XD
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