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It's hard to capture what it feels like in a picture (others have certainly done it better), but I tried.
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Great work. I noticed that people who suffer from depression often feel relief when painting, writing, or drawing. In my opinion, their creativity helps them to go through this. My sister has depression. She tries to avoid taking the prescribed pills as her mind is foggy after that (according to the Canadian pharmacy site, this is one of the side effects). She told me that drawing helps her when she has bad days.

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I admire your work

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Y I mean the drawing you made the words in the head that's like how my brain feels now but I have borderline personality disorder actually envy you 45 mine so bad or not I don't want to kill myself but I kind of do you know I'm not going to but I need to sleep I know I know I don't can't take it it's not my schizophrenia I totally is it's turning this gets ran into schizophrenia sorry I can't right cuz I have hand tremors

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That is my current mind

I was diagnosed with clinical depression

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I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you're getting the help you need.

Wow, that ominous cloud of words captures it nicely.

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You hit the nail on the head. This is almost exactly how it feels, at least for me. Well done.
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This is a really good picture. I wish you luck if you are going through anything like this. 
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I cried when I saw this... I wish more people understood.

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I think you captured it well, I just hope your doing well. Be strong or at least try to avoid doing anything harmful. Depression can make you numb and blind you from being positive but please try to not doing something you cannot regret.
The world would not be the same without you, you have a impact on people. Even if it does not feel like it sometimes

Also sorry but your poll worried me.
I'm usually a silent fan, I always feel a bit shy messaging or commenting on the people I look up to. But I've regret doing it sometimes, since some of them are no longer here on earth anymore.
This is actually the best description of my feelings that I've ever seen. My depression is mostly my brain hijacking my thoughts to tell me how much I suck, and my anxiety is mostly my brain hijacking my hormones to put me in fight-or-flight mode over stupid things. 
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Don't worry, you did an excellent job on it, feels real without a doubt. 
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Wow, this sums up a great deal of it. 
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Toxic, Salt, Harassment, Bullying, Trolls, Disrespect, Sadness, Fears, anger, hate, Suffering, Mental, psychopaths, Suicide, HELL!!! Where is it come from? where do they Go?
Where do you come from, Cotton-eyed Joe?
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FF6 Kefka: And they say I’m Annoying.
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I find depression quite different. It's more of a looming dread with the prevailing thought that I'm "wasting my life" and I "cant get along with anyone/Im lonely but Im fedup of trying/ I don't click with anyone/no one would care if you up and vanished" Not to mention the classic "nothing serves any purpose, once you're dead, you're forgotten in 5 minutes."
But the stabbing part to the chest is utterly relatable, and the flippant 'Im ok' response. Even when you see the Dr, it's like an ingrained reply. 
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Man......I think you did well
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ithink you captured it well
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Yep, this was my Age of Depression in a nutshell!!!

Seriously though, this art speaks VOLUMES of truths that EVERYONE hides in their hearts until it all either explodes out in tears of rage and insanity or eats you up inside in cold dead silence!!!
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My brain says all that, but my heart says "lol, ok", so depression isn't really a problem for me.

Then again, my joints and spine saying "nope, I quit" definitely doesn't help things.
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