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So to anyone still watching, here's the story. Since joining the military , the time I have for social media shrank enormously. Hell it shrank in the short time I was in college for CompSci. Though you may have seen occasional posts on here from me,  I've been posting on Instagram pretty frequently for the past year. Left dA just because I've not had time to update and stay as social as I'd like to be here. 

My IG is rei_shion if you care to follow any more of my art exploits.

To say I'll miss my devious days here is definitely selling it short. This is where I first found a super loving and accepting community as a tween to teach and mold my skills as an artist.

And thanks again for the comments; they've helped me grow more than I would've imagined.

Keeping this account for history, but gonna start a new one pretty soon.

I want a fresh start here for my newer works.
I've been debating coming back more to deviant art, but I'm not sure. Haven't been here in forever. I have however been posting on my Tumblr more, which I'll update on my website part of the information about me. I'll have that as my SFW material with my personal Tumblr for the occasional nsfw doodles.

Send me a note for my personal Tumblr, but my art one is
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So in recent developments, Hoenn remake was announcesd to drop shortly after I leave basic training... I'd be lying to say I'm not hyped for this.

I mean... Sapphire was my shit as a kid in elementary/middle school. I lost my actual game do to complicated circumstances. 

This calls for Pokemon fan art incoming!!!
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No, this is not a suicide note! I'm headed out to the military in about 95 days...

Scary shit to think about in all honesty.

I am planning to go to two last cons to hang with friends and say goodbye to my friends before I join the service by heading out to boot camp. I have a few more sketches left in me before I ship, and most of my stuff I had been posting was on Instagram due to tech issues inhibiting computer usage.

So if you wanna meet me before I roam the Earth via the US Navy, I'll be a Momocon in Atlanta May 23-25 and A-Kon in Dallas June 6-8.

After that, just work, paying bills, and more "adult life" stuff before I head to basic training.

Deuces. :P
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So in the nearly YEAR I've been away from Deviant Art, a lot has changed in my life. Like almost a complete 180.

Still drawing somewhat and need to post sketches and stuff here eventually. Went to A-Kon with the help of two awesome friends from my old college. And I was reunited with peeps I met at my first A-Kon, also my first convention EVER back in June 2011. Sadly, nothing went as planned but I made the best of it!

Then a few months later, I lost a good part of me after A-Kon 24. Well, more like 50. Went from 250 pounds to around like 205 now (was 196 at my lightest and plan to return to even less than that weight soon). A-Kon made me realize I kinda fantasized how I saw myself. I imagined I was around 20-30 pounds lighter in my head; boy did the photo ops prove me wrong... Especially one with an Old Spice guy cosplayer. Looking at that photo and where I was mortifies me to think I considered myself smaller than that. Talk about disillusioned... -shudders-

The point of said weight loss was partially to become a better version of myself; that gave me the drive to keep t up. The real motivation was so that I could join the armed forces. And that's exactly what I did! Put pen to paper on December 11th and I now speak to you my fellow deviants as a future sailor in the United States Navy! I don't ship out until August so I have time to update my DA with a few doodles before I go, haha.

In short, can't wait to get a bit more active before I go (and while deployed if I can) so stay tuned for a few more posts from me. :D

PS- The weight loss helped my love life a lot. QUITE a lot~.
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"Everything changes, and so must I, if in this world I shall survive..."

Overall, it's been far too long Deviant Art; anyone miss me? :D

There are a few changes happening, some good, some neutral. I actually got a job tutoring which is financing me going to A-Kon! Which I am super psyched about; like no words can explain. Pictures will follow when I come back as well as a write up of my experience. Also, I may be changing my studio name or potentially making Winged Skulls a subdivision of my main one. My new name will be one to appeal to a much broader audience of clientele whereas WS will be for nerdier drawings.

Also to those I owe art to (especially comics), I will try to crank them out before the end of the month. Life has been hectic, hence I haven't been on Deviant Art in a while.

Hmmm, not much else to say. Oh yeah!

I will be doing a card set of all the Doctors from Doctor Who, with only one card for sale of each of them. No duplicates; buy before it's bought. The entire set will be ready a month before the 50th anniversary. I'll be throwing in the recent few companions as well: Rose, Donna, Martha, Amy & Rory, Clara, River Song and Jack Harkness. The prices will be as follows:
1 card = $10
3 cards = $25
Doctor set (12 including John Hart) = $90
Companion set (7/8 cards depending on how I do Amy and Rory) = $60

So this journal's question:
If you watch Dr. Who, what is your favorite monster?
If you don't, what other series should I do cards for?
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So I haven't necessarily had the best of luck...

However a friend made me realize it isn't a damn bit like me to just sit around and mope. when I can change this. I am not dead yet, and there is always hope. ALWAYS.

Art wise, I was supposed to have the latest comic out by this Monday past. However, I have it completely pencilled. I decided that there will be a one week delay between the upload on The Putz Cast blog and here, but I may do little Artist Notes pics which will be posted here. They will have the title "AN: (comic name)" with a link to the correlating comic. For Pandacakes, no Artist note, but there will be one for the next comic. Also comment below with who you would like to see me draw as a print. Working on expanding my portfolio, and I'll take certain requests into consideration.

Job wise, no luck with getting hired. At this rate, A-Kon will be a no go, which really sucks. i so wanted to hang with old peeps. Still looking and will  continue to search and save.

Health wise, I think I am actually losing weight still. My workout I bombed out on, but I will get back on it. I really await the day I can see myself with a six pack, not the flab I have now. I don't look bad, but I KNOW I can look better. So why not try to?

Question for the post:
"Would you care to see me do a slice of life comic?"
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The main reason I have commissions open right now is to help pay for my trip to A-Kon. I made a deal with my parents where they never touch the money I make with my artwork, and I really want to go this year again. Honestly, this year has been pretty crappy with my health landing me back in my dull town instead of back at school in Atlanta, and it'd be awesome to have SOMETHING good go right. Some friends are helping me cut costs by splitting the hotel and all of us driving to Dallas opposed to flying there. I haven't seen my Dallas friends since 2011, and my friends from Emory haven't seen me all year either.

So that's why I've added the incentive of any order over $10 gets a free chibi card as well. I understand maybe you don't have the funds to commission me, but spread the word about them! Anything you do will be very much appreciated.
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So decided need to do a new post with my prices for commissions. This is all I have for now, will be adding more soon hopefully, plus working on making prints. And as an incentive for now, until May 15th, any $10 will come with a chibi thank you card! All of these will be in black and white traditional, plus add $2 for ink. Shipping of the original is $5 extra.

Ordering Process:
1. Send me a note with your order including references you have. We'll discuss details there.
2. I'll send you back the price to confirm and my Paypal info.
3. Once I receive payment, I'll start working. Until you pay, your spot is not saved.
4. I'll show you a WIP of it when I'm about halfway done. This would be the time to get your MONEY BACK. If you need me to change anything speak up, or tell me that you changed your mind. There will be a huge honking watermark to stop people from just running with the money.
5. If given the OK to proceed, I will then continue working and give periodic updates.
6. Finally, you will get an email with the file sent to you  not watermarked. Unless stated otherwise, I will post these pieces here and on my Facebook page.
7. If you request a costume design and make a cosplay or character of it, make sure to give me credit.

BEST STYLES: Anime, comic book, realism, chibi, ginjika,
WILL NOT DRAW: Hentai, Mecha (gundam, giant robots- this may change),

Chibis $5.00
Chibi Yoko Sketch Card by neodragon115

Sketches $5.00
Come On, 8g8ert by neodragon115 Mad Moxxi sends her love by neodragon115 FB Sketch 001 by neodragon115

Line Arts $10.00

Mature Content

NDC Vriska Serket by neodragon115
My Broken Chains (WIP) by neodragon115 Alychu Cosplay as Poison Ivy by neodragon115

Sketch Cards $10.00
ATC 008 by neodragon115 ATC: 006 by neodragon115 ATC: 007 by neodragon115

Shaded $15.00
A Dead Rose... by neodragon115 .:COM:. Motoko Kusanagi by neodragon115

Costume Designs -$15.00; discount if actually used cosplay-
.:REQ:. Female Big Bad Wolf Cosplay by neodragon115 Guilmon Ginjika Cosplay by neodragon115

Slots Available:
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So I've been thinking of different ways to make money with my art, and thanks to an unexpected conversation with an old friend, I decided prints would be a good way to start off with my work.

I've been saying that I won't be doing freebies or requests, but think of this post as a "suggestion box" of sorts. I want to know what characters do you all think I would do the best drawing (and coloring) as prints. Popular characters are preferred, though if you know that you'd be willing to pay 7-10 for the print and buy one yourself, then request them and mention that as well. I have a few ideas already of who I'll be drawing but I need "the people's opinion."

All suggestions will be seriously considered; thanks in advance!

So question for the blog:
"What character from what series was your crush when you were growing up? This includes any entertainment media: games, cartoons, anime, comics, books, etc."

Gettin' Tired of the Coon (Rantin' Time!)

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 22, 2013, 9:59 AM
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And by "coon," I am not making a slur toward the people in my home state of Louisiana.

No my fellow Deviants, I am indeed referring to Kevin Tachin, aka rickeyracoon123. Some people might say:
"Neo? Why are you hopping on this bandwagon against him? Has he done anything to YOU?"

Thing is, I've just been way too nice to say anything before my new friend PoiButt made her video. There are so many things Rickey is guilty of doing, many that have been said also happened to ME, and I feel it's time to break the silence.

We all know the controversy with Rickey and Micky; if you don't read up elsewhere. Not gonna rehash it. But afterwards he made what I figured would be  an apology video. I considered that to be quite humble of him, that perhaps he learned something. One minute into the about ten minute vid, I was proven wrong. SO WRONG. he said that he would just keep on doing whatever, being his same old obnoxious self. A man is welcome to his fetishes, but make them legal at least. His OC Babba is only 15 with tits larger than Morganlefey86 and an ass that would make Pinky XXX say "HOT dayum." Which is why I removed the picture I did of her years ago from my gallery.

Second point: dA ettiquette. Or rather common sense. If you want to start a conversation with someone, you don't keep posting comments on a picture you like. I think most people would know to either comment on that person's profile or at least send a note. I seriously have more comments on that picture than almost any other from about 5 SEPARATE comment threads by Rickey. It's annoying and messes with stats. I wanna see people comment a lot on my pics because they like it. Sometimes emoticon wars if I feel the desire, but one comment thread per pic. Also when I say I do not do hentai, it does not mean that you can request a sexy picture of a porn star. Like seriously are you mental? To date, I have only done one ecchi pic as a birthday gift, and that will likely be the only one I do for a while unless commissioned to do one.

Thirdly,  and I guess this is probably going to be my smallest point, is a comment you made in your video talking about how you needed to "grow a bigger dick" and how it's "pretty big already." There is no respect ever for those who say the size of their phallus proudly and loudly; you sound like a child and if bragging about it is that important, you probably are packing a Vienna sausage. Do us all a favor and just SHUT UP. I definitely would be one of the last people you'd wanna compare sizes with *cough* I'm black *cough, cough*.

Progressing down the list would lead to your artwork. I never judge harshly normally, but YOU will be the exception. You really will never improve. I see your artwork fading into the abyss of easily forgotten works. Your anatomy is nonexistent, your characters unbelievable proportionally, and your designs atrocious. I had hopes, for you but you shattered them too many times. I may not be as awesome as Artgerm, Slugbox, or even Milkcubus, but your path of art is one that satisfies only your fetishes, so I guess it's fine. I mean first rule of art is making something you like.

Opposed to a video, I opted for text because it can be perused quickly. And reread. Again, and again, and again. Should the desire for a video rant be met, one will be made. In short I will say he is one of teh worst people to do request work for, will always be second in an art trade, and just is one of the last people on Deviant Art I ever want to deal with again.

Oh and question time! Ever had a bad experience with Rickey? Post stories here.


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I got this from :iconcakebutton: and decided why not? Instead I'll only be doing ten slots.

"So, here's how it works.
Comment here and I'll barge into your gallery and write a summary of it and add 3 works that I like the most.
In return, please do the same journal and put me in the first entry~
[This is not about the free features-- it's about sharing the artsy LOVE~!]"

1. :iconcakebutton: Since I got it from you...
Your entire gallery gives me an "IT'S SO FLIPPIN' ADORABLE" vibe. Well, probably because your stuff is! I love the way you color and your color schemes are very creative: super bright but not not headlight blinding. Nice job balancing that factor. I think my favorite part of your style is the way you draw the light in each character's eyes. Your work is beautiful, and please continue to do more! If I get a chance, I may snag an adopatable from you as well. :3
Sistas - Collab with CuteBubbles by cakebutton G: XxSaChan by cakebutton ACEO: Cake by cakebutton
2. :iconheyarnoldthewinn:
You have a pretty good handle on the Disney style of characters, and it brings me back. All the nostalgia of Goof Troop and other Max and Goofy series and movies just hit when I saw your works, and that's an awesome feel to have. I see a lot of potential in your work, and with the comics and other story content you have, your work looks like it's going places. :)
That's Love~Infinite Playlist by HeyArnoldtheWinn Max and Goofy for MercerMZ by HeyArnoldtheWinn Max going to a  Star Wars convention? by HeyArnoldtheWinn
3. :iconagropunch:
You tend to lean more toward an ecchi style which is sexy and I like it. However, I'd recommend diversifying your portfolio. Definitely draw more cars; you do some legit work! And overall, I like your coloring jobs as well. When you said you do it all by mouse, it surprised me. I give you props for doing so. Also, I warned you not to get a cookie cutter style; you seemed to keep the same poses with all of your women or a good bit, so change it up. I like how you've changed the poses and proportions up in your pictures recently. If you feel that you suck at arms and legs (guilty of that as well) just draw anatomy for a bit to get comfy. You have so much potential and talent dude; keep up the awesome works!
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Editing my profile for now. I've also been fixing up my gallery to show my better pieces. I should have prices for commissions up by this weekend.

Also added a donate box to my Journal area; for MARCH ONLY, those who donate 20 or more points will get a complimentary chibi sketch as a thank you.
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Opposed to what I said before, I will be dropping prices for the time being. I'll be selling chibis, busts (head to shoulders), half body (down to waist), and full body sketches and line arts. There will be point and Paypal commissions. For now, I'll close them until I have everything in order. When they open back up, the most expensive thing will likely be 200 points.

As far as life goes, things have been moving kinda slow. Trying to find work in town for my own paycheck, but volunteering in the meanwhile. I've been practicing bass a bit as well as getting my art groove back as you all can see. My Facebook page is back up; feel free to follow for some sketches I'll post there and not to DA. Essentially for requests I don't plan to use otherwise, they'll be exclusively on that page. If I have other uses, it'll be watermarked on Facebook and posted here first. Facebook has an odd policy about rights to artwork and stuff posted, so covering my bases.

And the question for this journal post...
"If you could have everything you ever wanted in an instant but trade in the memories of the life you had before (any lessons, friends, family, etc) would you do it and what would you get?"
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It just happened to sneak up on me, but I realized that I just broke 100 watchers as of late.

Well, this is a major milestone for me; I wanna say thank you to everyone who sees this! Deviant Art made me a much better artist than I would have ever been just developed my own skills. My art classes in high school gave me some building blocks, but the critiques from people here have allowed me to mold my artwork into something I'm proud to show everyone. This site has given me a lot of awesome friends and taught me a lot of lessons.

As I've tried to show, I do care for everyone who follows me, but in the words of an artist I admire, I don't want people to feel like I want to be this celebrity. I consider you guys that watch me as friends. So never be afraid to shoot me a comment or message. Unless I've just not been online, I respond to faves and watches. Luckily, not so huge that it's a challenge, but it will be one I humbly accept if I get that much buzz over my artwork.

So yeah, I have commissions as of late as well. Consider getting something from me. You will get a complimentary gift if you get it mailed to you. Speaking of which I just mailed out my first commission today! Just dropped it off a few hours ago, and I think it should be there by Saturday. Going off estimations of mail speeds from my Pay It Forward project anyway. I'll be reviving my Facebook page for some real life updates and art updates for my studio.

And I guess that wraps up this journal! Till next time, be watching the gallery.

Journal question:
"Which character do you find the sexiest?"
--For me it's Zyra from League of Legends. She's powerful, her voice is just seductive, and those curves are just as killer as her plants.
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Sorry, but yeah... not gonna happen. No requests for a while until I get a good flow of commissions. Plus I have requests from a while back I need to fulfill.

I need to get money from commissions. Before you say my point prices are outrageous as of now, that's because I'm doing them for money, not points. If you convert them to real money, you'd be paying a huge discount. (Sketches were normally $4, shaded for $10). I will be adjusting my prices, but they will not go much (if any) lower. The commissions are the only money that I make 100% for myself that my family promised never to touch, and there are times when we really do need the cash.

There are a few things I am saving up to buy: main of which being repairing my tablet. In my journal, I will have a donation pool.  Any bit helps; luckily you can transfer points to cash now. There will be gifts for anyone who does decide to kindly donate. I try to take the time to thank people personally for faves as well as respond to every comment. I've been highly discouraged by my family at times who just recently have begun to recognize my skill (skill as in I've worked on it, talent is raw ability).

Anywho, the matter of the contest! Not sure if contest, incentive or giveaway is the right word:

For those who refer anyone to me as a customer, you will receive piece equivocal to what the person ordered. (ex: your friend orders a sketch, you get one; they get a piece with two people, you can have a sketch with two people) This will be going on until my 10th commission. And whoever refers the most people will get a tab with me of 1000 points! You can get as much as 500 points worth of art for free. I will not be counting my very first commission in this, so there are 10 left. There will be a share journal to advertise my commissions coming soon, and a contest will accompany that as well.

I still am doing promo art for types of commissions. Chibis, line art, and maybe even comics. Also, I am not offering color as of now because I do not feel it is sale worthy (might add it for cheap). But also, I would like to know what types of commissions you think I should do: chibis, realism or anime portraits, original character designs, adoptables, etc. I'm relatively new to the whole process, so input is very much welcome. Comment below with what kinda commissions you would like to see, and answer the following question. Never know what I may do in boredom. :D

"If you had points to spare, what would you ask me to draw for you?"
Right now, I'm currently editing prices for commissions and reworking how to order them. The order format was too confusing upon retrospection.
So Ishould probably tell you about how sweetmy 4th Emory semester is going. Honestly, I cannot say because it has been put on ice for me.

My last post had been saying that life was sweet, finishing finals, and coming back home. Life got worse afterwards.

My depression came back and hit at the worst time: I couldnt even make my exams, work on make up projects, and I've been back home since my grades were nowhere near up to par. I'm currently weighing options on if I can even go back there. Looking for a job in town right now, and then studying different code maybe get certified outside a degree.

I miss my school family dearly, especially my awesome roommate. I can't even call my close friends  "friends;" family isthe only word that fits them. I finally had  the freedom to live my life without parental nagging constantly. My home away from home, and a paradise in the chaos of my world. That was where I made myself the man I'm becoming for the better. And that- I swear- shall be the place I return. If not as a student at Emory, then to live my adult life.

It always feels like as soon as I get something I want (real friends, best bud, girlfriend) I mess up that relationship somehow. And I feel that is making me even sadder. Like Pinkie Pie with no one at her parties sad. But I plan to use this to give me the drive to work hard and make myself the man I need to be.

Anyways tothe part you actually care about: my artworks. I also will be drawing a lot more. In fact I even have a MLP set in mind as well as a few sexy characters from League of Legends and some Naruto fan art. I have a commission to mail soon as well as my Pay It Forward 2013 project; there will be photos opposed to scans. :3 Then my requests and several projects I forgot about. By May I should have about 40-50 new deviations up, so stay posted!



Life has been awesome. Actually ended up getting colored pencils from my secret Dooley(our take on Santa for those who don't celebrate Xmas at Emory). I swear, they must be either stalking my page or something; I once mentioned color pencils but haven't since at least early November. So I get to add color pencil to my commissions! I hope to showcase a few pieces before I go home. Already promised people sketches (and commissions).

And I have gotten back into drawing a bit more as well as being back here on DA. Hopefully since I couldn't get a table at MomoCon this year, I'll get one for next year with some friends. But speaking of cons, I'm working on a panel (as well as a blog) to give tips to otaku and nerdy men alike to improve success with the opposite gender. A few pieces on gender equality, why it's tough for "real nerd girls" to be taken seriously, and random tidbits I throw in as I see fit. More o come, as well as links to it as well.

I only have three finals and they're all Thursday(Computer Science) and Friday (Chinese + Calculus). Shouldn't be too horrible, but I may lose sleep over said exams. Expect me to take a leave of absence from DA once more until the night of the 14th.

Anything else you wanna know, comment below. :)