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Silent Night Bowtie

Thanks ~DaHLiA-7 for Permission. Enjoy.. ;)

Compitable itunes skin "Silent Night" is here [link]
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Excellent, more goodness that you've got on offer. Thanks again for the awesome work!
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Is awesome. May I use it? I want to port to CoverGloobus for Linux.
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PERFECTION!! Thank you!
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love it....meant the wow in a good way! el-oh-el
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Awesome my friend! :star:
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awesome work, thanks!
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very good port for CAD :thumbsup:
i like the silent night style; so rich, so clean and so inspiring
i also made a visual style, for windows 7, inspired by silent night: [link]
it will be interesting to have your opinion :)
Where is the download link?
Nevermind, found it. New to deviantart. -__-"
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Nice addition m8 you did a superb job ;).
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Nice Bowtie theme man ;)
Also featured on GuiPulp ;)
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Wow really nice and I love it but there is something wrong with the Buttons
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Nice, thank you :D

:star: Featured on iconpaper
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I love it!
Cheeky question...could you make it with light and dark grey buttons/square as well so it can match with any wall/iconset?
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thanks, i don't known friend. maybe soon :(
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