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MotionWood Wallpapers

Motionwood wallpaper series from my desktops.
Three color, only one size 1680x1050.

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Amazing work! - just wish they were available at a higher resolution and maybe iPod :) Keep up the fantastic work mate.
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this looks so freaking nice on my desktop after my zombie playground :p :)
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Great work!
nice nice i like very much
REALLY REALLY REALLY awesome... really
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Nice selection. The golden brown is my fave, definitely (very warm), altho the variegated is really nice, too. Thank you.
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These look fantastic Neo! I had to feature them on [link] Hope it brings you some extra visitors!
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very nice, thank you
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i use it for the preview for my visual style, the effect is awesome
of course i credited u :)
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one of the best wooden walls I've seen ;D
thanks man ;)
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Sweet! Love the brown one!
Used it on my desk here: [link]
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great work... =D
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:drool: so killer bro....these walls are HOT!!! :w00t:

oh noes...1920x1200, not present. i guess i'll have to make 'em work, unless you got bigger size? hehe.

thanks again, my friend for sharing!
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Thx so much for share ur works
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beautiful wood texture, thanks for the release bro :)
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