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ML Pulse Theme For Mountain LION V2

Only For ML 10.8

Use readme before you begin. Only for blue variant. !!!

Please re-Download. White menubar added.

Note: for use this menubars, please use system pref/desktop&screen savers, uncheck translucent menubar.

Enjoy !!!

visit my galllery for 10.7.x versions.
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Please, update for 10.9.1, I can't live without your theme! :-(
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Does this works on Mavericks ?
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Can you get this to be compatible with OS X 10.9 Mavericks?  I used ML Pulse the entire time I had 10.8 Mountain Lion and miss it dearly since updating!
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I would pay for Mavericks support. Ever thought of crowd funds some of your creations? 
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I tried(just the traffic light file) this on Mavericks GM expected..didn't work..folders look funny lol

Houton..we need an update :)
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Compatible with Mavericks GM?
does this work on mavericks DP3 please respond 
This looks amazing but unfortunately I havent been able to get it to work :c
I'm on 10.8.2 retina and I want the traffic lights so I replaced the ArtFile and restarted but no change?
Do you know how I can get it to work or will this version not work on 10.8.2 or retina?
Thanks in advance! c:
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how can i only install the traffic lights? please help
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does this work on 10.8.2?
great theme man!

just wondering because im new to the mac world.

if i install this theme is there a way to uninstall later or revert to stock theme?
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isn't working for 10.8.2 hm? :(
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Hey awesome theme! I was wondering if it worked on 10.8.2?
I can't uncompress the files, tried Archive Utility, The Unarchiver and Stuffit Expander, "The contents of the file "ArtFile.bin" can't be extracted with this program". Any ideas?
Is this working with 10.8.2?
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I love it! Looks great, works perfectly fine. Thanks so much!
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About This Mac's traffice lights transformed too!! This just simply better than Apple's work!!
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well done! i only have a question, related to the .bin files, regarding OS 10.7 and 10.8
When i open (10.7) ArtFile.bin, SArtFile or ArtFile200.bin in ThemePark 4.1, all three don't render the icon preview correctly, only in a yellow'ish tone. (see link: [link])

For the same files of OS 10.8 i get no icon preview at all, since ThemePark 4.1 open them up nicely, but then does not respond any more.

Any suggestion? Please!
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is there a 10.7.4 version?
is it safe to theme mountain lion? nice job by the way
Does it work on the retina macbook pro?
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