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La-Text Dock Icons

4 color PSD included.

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love this work.
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how do i hide the mac bar thing so its just the applications without the dock bar? Thanks!
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hard to find for me because in your desktop screenshots is never a link. very cool !!!
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Any chance you will or have already released an update with more icons? Like Chrome or Skype??
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this is great, thanks for the awesome idea
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It's kinda funny how the word "La-Text" is pronounced "latex", by the way, nice icons, especially the font, keep it up! :)
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i found u again~!!
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ery nice..
Is there a way to make this appear only in the dock, and not in finder folder view?
Hi Man, Can you please explain how to make the icon size not so tall ? I Mean, I`m using your other Dock Icons ( DockTab V2 SE) but i can select the app above the line ( and the icon )
there is like 20 px alpha that let me select the app
Is there any way to limit the dock upper size to only x pixels ?
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very nice
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Simply + great :)
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nice stuf!
PSD doesn't work in PS!
Can you post a link to Futura Condensed Medium please?
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very cool mate
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Nice text icons, thank you for the release :)
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they look great! nice work and thanx for sharing! ;]
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