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Buble Icons

Psd include..

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Awsome Work 😁😁😁
***** So, I might I go about getting what's needed to create the format shown above?
***** Ooops. I'm a new member and I just figured it out (blush). If it had been a snake it would have bit me. Anyway, the dock as text is a format I've been looking for. Thanks.
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Beautiful icons; I love them! (:
Just one question: Why is there a mid-flight Adium icon in the folder?
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They are so great. Thank you!
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I...i...i love you
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Good stuff man, in fact I'm coming to admire quite a bit of your work!
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I really loved them!
They are best what I've seen so far
Thanks to your hands :rose:
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Very nice icons!

Small question, What is the name of the dock you used? I can't find it anywhere. It brings out the icons even better.
Thanks! Gonna try to use these for my Windows :P We'll see it works!
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if someone could make one
that just says "APPS" and then "Folder" on the bottem
i will be your slave for 2 weeks
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and maybe a firefox one?
im sorry for being a douche before
i really am
and now i am a whiny little bitch

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why would you do a document and download folder

but not applications
this concept boggles my mind
i hate you
i hate you with all my heart
and no i can not make my own
i have GIMP
fucking free bullshit
thanks for sharing
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chrome left! though great pack man!
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The king of Text icons?
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Bom trabalho.. Ficou ótimo: [link] :dance:
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Thanks for this -- especially for the included PSD.
Why is'nt there a iChat icon?
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nice icons. btw, which dock is that?
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what font is that, i have installed all versions of "helevetica neue" but photoshop still says the font is missing, "helevetica neue" has to be installed hahaha...:laughing:
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hello there i love these!!

question: as a newbie

i want to make my own icons with your given .psd file
but i don't know how to save it with a transparent background, also what file extension does it have to be saved as?

please help.
anyone >.<
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In Photoshop you go in menu File > Save for Web & Devices And in a preview window you select in "Presets" PNG24 and check the "Transparent" option. And Save. et Voilá
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