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Aero Lighting II RC

By neodesktop
First release, if you found any bug please submit.

Package Include

AeroLighting II Theme
ExplorerFrame.dll (x86 - x64)
Optional StartOrb (Normaly default) - For top taskbar [link]

Windows frames a little bit rounded corners and more glass for prof look.

Taskbar more transparent and glass look now.

All menus, combos, buttons are fixed images for more integrity.

And many more....


Remember, backup first your original ExplorerFrame.dll..
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Someone is stealing your work, [link]
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thanks,but it's not work with win 7 x64
Awsome theme! Thanks.
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This is genuinely one of my favorite themes! As far as bugs go, the only thing I've noticed that was off was that in internet browsers the toolbar area seems to be a weird blue color that other themes don't cause. Is this intentional? Here's an image to demonstrate: [link]
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Very nice! The only thing I'd like would be a version with just a TOUCH of color, on progress bars, and maybe the close button. But I LOVE the smooth styling, *especially* on the address bar and command bar in explorer windows. Very nice work. :)
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neo - nice streamlining - beautiful workmanship !!
I love transparency and you professional work as well !
I have added your great theme to Windows7theme.
Hope you wil get some nice exposure ;-)
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Good stuff man! Will this be released soon? If you need any assistance with system files, ill be more then happy to lend a hand.
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Amazing Theme. I'll use this for quite a while.
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cool theme! I like it a lot!
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using it for 2 weeks allready...with all the great themes outthere that means something...:)
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I have Tried this since tuesday and,
oh man this is the best VS i have see on my desktop!

Thanks a lot!
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eline sağlık kardeş.
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Meraba Abe, clean and neat work, perfect!
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Güzel çalışma, tebrikler
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