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10.5 Dock Freeze

Three docks - icontainer.


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Love the dock, CandyBar opens it but I can't get it to load the actual background? Could you post the file with the resources?
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NM finally got it to take ><
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Your docks are really nice :). Did someone port it for windows yet? I like the stack icons, can you tell me where you got the candybar icon?
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Great dock! I know I'm late, but I'm downloading now!
Could you share the Trash, Finder, iTunes, and System Preferences icons? That would be dually awesome.
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Awesome docks!! :D Thanks for sharing!
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Totally awesome docks man :+fav:
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Nice docks man ;)
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Very nice! Can you share the resources please?
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Good job :), very nice cold feeling!

:star: Featured on iconpaper
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Awesome dock, and fits so well with those icons! What are they called, and where do I find them? : D
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so nice i love it
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I'm not a mac user so this might sound as a stupid question for ya but, is that an icon pack or part of the icontainer?

Cus i'd really like to get my hands on some of those :D
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This looks awesome. Thanks for sharing it :-)
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Great dock, Thanks for creating this! Especially that Mate one!
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nice dock, thanks :)
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Very Cool and NICE!
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Oh my god!!!

I didn't know this, that it's possible to disable the reflection on the 3D dock (by turning off the transparency). Until this moment I've been using the 2D dock for a year, without knowing this?! You're my saver, man...

Please make a darker version of the mate one. : D I'm anyways going to use the light version, which I'm using right now, 'cause this is some real shit.
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sexy docks man ;).
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Can you publish the resources please?
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sorry man PSD file deleted.
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Nice Work!
do you mind sending me your iTunes icon (iTouch). looks awesome
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