Eclipse - I won't leave!

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By NeoCyania
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As you may have noticed, people are leaving DeviantArt just because of Eclipse being the only option available soon. Whatever, I am definitely not leaving this site due to a layout change. I've been here for many years, DeviantArt is the site where my whole artistic journey began! Eclipse may not be perfect yet (and yes, I think it is a step backwards in some areas) but I'm certain we will get used to it. :)

If any of my watchers are planning their retreat from DeviantArt, you can follow me on Twitter instead.
I do have other social media but please consider I'm most active here and on Twitter.

While we're at it: I want to thank everyone who has sticked around leaving faves and comments on my art! :heart: It means a lot to me.

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i actually considered scaling back my activity on deviantart because of the change <i>toward</i> being more like a social media feed. i really don't enjoy it! but it's the only site i've found that i can comfortably collect my art in a gallery, like you said, and i am afraid that over time we will lose that as da loses more and more of the functionality and streamlined-ness that helped me so much.

i get why people are leaving. they are hoping for that mysterious other site, somewhere out there, that works how this one used to. i won't leave, but man am i very unhappy about some of the changes.

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I'm unhappy about the changes too and there is no established alternative to DA... :/

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you are a braver soul than I
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Everyone has an opinion so it's fine you won't leave dA.:D I probably won't be leaving either, but I might not be as active here as I used to, though. Besides Instagram, I might make new accounts on other social media.
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Ich werde ebenfalls bleiben, selbst wenn ich wirklich unglücklich mit dem dA Eclipse bin. Ich bin schon seit fast 9 Jahren hier, und ich kann mich von der Seite nur schwer trennen :`)

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Yeah no problem! I'm staying on DA too. I've tried Tumblr for my art, but I just didn't like it as much as here haha. Tumblr is a blogging/social media hybrid, so my art got lost in personal posts. DA has art in the title lol. I don't like the new format (yet) but I'll stick with the site for now. 
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I love u so much neo Heart Heart Heart 
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I couldn't agree more dude.  I love this place, i still get new watchers too.  Granted I'm trying to get some more people over on Twitter as well, but this place is like my home for my art.  

I'm glad to see someone of your artistic caliber is still staying here also. =)
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Same here, DA has always been like a home! :)
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=) Well I'm glad to hear this from another prominent artist and I look forward to seeing more of your work.
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I've been making my mark here for half a year.

There's no way I'm leaving neither.

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I won't leave either, I think that's not necessary to be honest.
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I don't understand why people are leaving DeviantArt just because of Eclipse. Sure it has it's ups and downs, but there's no reason to leave! Because as JonTron once said:

"But why? Why would you do that?"

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Also, I saw your Origami King Olly deviation. Great work!

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Also, I kind of consider the people who want to leave dA just because of Eclipse being cowards to change, but we all do what we have to do.

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I'm staying too! ^^
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I’d still use it even though I haven’t been very active on it. lol
I do prefer the old style though. They’re just fixing something that doesn’t need to be broken and breaking it in the process.
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I’m really glad you’re going to be sticking around! Seeing your art always makes me happy :>
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No site is perfect, well all get used to it. Nothing to riot about. I’m stayin too. Glad to know you are too!
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I hear you, I don't plan to leave this site either just because of a bad site design, I mean yes I have my gripes with it and I am not happy with how it functions, but still, this place has a community and there really isn't a viable alternative to it on the web at all in all honesty.

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