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The Origami King

By NeoCyania
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sopi: hey origami king I'll kick your ass!

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I need to draw him :3 with mine

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Ooooof such a good humanization of him

I adore this

Origami King had no right being as good of a game as it was but I couldn't be happier

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Has he been taking lessons from Dimentio? How else would he be levitating those cards and the army of cranes so threateningly? The two characters even have similar color schemes. This piece must have been fun to draw; even the small detail of the crane army in the background pops because of the lighting gradients and the shading.

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Purple and yellow is a quite common color scheme for villains. ^^ By the way, the cards are actually lanterns. I really had lots of fun drawing this piece :3

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I just watched the finale to Origami King last night, and it incorporated the two things related to wishes that origami can do: lanterns releasing wishes into the sky and 1000 cranes causing a wish to be granted for the folder. It was beautiful.

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It really was beautiful how they included these origami related legends into the game :heart:

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awesome job, neo! i love the paper lanterns and the cranes, they feel very appropriate <3

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There should be a video of his final battle with this playing.

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King Olly approves!

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He is back, still purrfect as before! :clap:

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this is pure perfection

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He became evil just because a toad wrote on him................... still he's a great villain.

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I agree! :D The story fits the game very well even if it's a bit silly

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I really pecking love this villain. I don't understand how an origami became in one of my favorite characters on the world of Paper Mario.

But is fantastic. The real reason for being evil is a bit ridiculous but his rage, determination, cruelty and power... Uff.

Great job Neo.

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He is one of my favorite villains as well! :D Thanks!

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"Behold! As a new era now unfolds! Witness the birth of my Origami kingdom, as all flat paper beings are either folded or purged! And I shall sit upon my throne atop of it all, as the Origami King!"

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I wanna be one of his minions! :D

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