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Sir Grodus

By NeoCyania
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My part of an art trade with a friend :heart: 
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Awesome job!

Love this cold, mechanical bastard. X3

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What I find mysterious about Grodus is that we never see what's under that cape. Maybe he has his reasons...

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Awesome work, Grodus was such a good villain for the game, but I did think his health was a little bit too low for my liking, I understand why due to the Grodus X helping to buff him up, but still, I think him being tougher could've made the fight alot more intense.

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You're welcome.

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oh awesome! i like the interpretation of grodus' "beard" as, like, a cloth around his mouth. it leans harder into that living computer aesthetic.

your background here is wonderful, it looks full and solid while still being washed-out enough to keep grodus as the focus of the pic. awesome job!

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Love-to-hate, underrated villain.

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One of my favorite villains of the series. I literally had goosebumps during the first time you meet and battle him at the end of the Palace of Shadow. Plus I love his battle theme. :)

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He is such an underrated villain ^^

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Hes gonna bonk you on the head with that staff of his. Escape while you still stand a chance!

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The various Super Mario villains are so greatly done in Your style!:D The color shading,the backgrounds and the extra features added to them.

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Thanks as always! :D

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You're very welcome!

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man I think I should play paper mario one day to find out about these bad guys but I don't know which one to start with
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Why not start with the first one and play them in chronological order? :)

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your drawings can not be challenged by anyone.

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Grodus looks badass

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