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Pixel Tree

Trees are awesome! Love 

This one is for my new free tileset:
Grasslands (WIP) by NeoZ7
I'm still working on the tiles, so you'll have to wait a bit for the full tileset

Artwork belongs to me.
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Really cute style, great attention to detail! I love how the leaves are individualized and gradient.

Just an extra:
If you wanted to, you could try making the shading a bit lighter and colorful for a more comfy feeling! If you’d want to try it, I’d suggest using slightly darker greens (than the original leaves’ colors) or *light opacity* teal. I’ve also seen a lot of pixel artists outline in darker colors instead of black!
(This already looks good though, just suggesting some interesting stuff!)

***I’ll be using this on my profile and linking to you. Lmk if you want it taken down!
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Thank you so much! :aww: Feel free to use it on your profile!
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It's a really cute, yet simplistic design, in a way. It's not overly flashy. It's a little plain, but I suppose these things are meant to be, it's supposed to look normal. I like the detail you put into it with the leaves, and the colors are really nice and simple. I like these kind of trees a lot, you see many where I live, and they are generally pretty big, so you could have made it a little bigger, but other than that, I believe I have no complaints. It's nice, and I like it a lot, don't take my small criticism as bad. <3
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You're welcome! :) 
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So beautiful! Well done :)

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What a beautiful tree~

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may I use this for a game I'm making?
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Sure, but please give credit! :)
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Beautiful. I love the color & shading.
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The new tileset on RPG VX ACE : D YAYA
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Can I use this for my game if I credit you? :)
Opa Cara blz? 
Bom ... Eu entrei em hum curso de Desenvolvimento de Jogos e Irei Fazer hum Jogo 2d pixels Nenhum arte estilo, se voce Puder me Ajudar eu ficarei Extremamente agraddecido. Na parte do Personagem ELE tera Que funcoes Fazer varias Como nessa  Até MESMO Como o Seu. 
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Love it. Any idea when the set will come out?
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Thanks! It's already out FREE 16x16 Tileset by NeoZ7
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I really like the look of this one :)
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