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Origami King Olly

By NeoCyania
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Just a little design idea :D

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I’m already a simp for Hole Punch. I can’t simp Olly.

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Sopi: I'm going to kick your ass!

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Goro: Goro will Defeat You!!!

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Hail the origami king

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All hail King Olly, The Origami King (He looks so cool, great artwork mate)

KawaiiEevee-chan's avatar

I saw this days ago, but I didn't get the right moment to comment this... I love it! He is now my favorite villain, after Fawful :clap:

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Thank you! :D More art of him is in the making

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His design reminde me of that shorty dude king from resident evil 4

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how imposing!! i really like how top-heavy and bulky the cape makes him look, it hides so much of his face along with the hair... i hope you have lots of fun playing the game when it comes out <3

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I already like this baddy so much! :D Thanks!

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He’s an awesome character! I hope to see more fan art of him in the future when you and everyone else plays the game. :D
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I'm definitely going to draw him again! He deserves some love :D

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Agree! Hope he’ll be well-remembered in the future. The gameplay may not be like the old ones, but it’s still great! And at least we got a lot of new characters that aren’t just Toads.

Have you played the game yet?
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Yeah it's probably not the Paper Mario the fans wanted but at least we got some new and interesting characters. :D I haven't played the game yet, I'm having exams the next weeks so I don't have the time to start any new games at the moment. But I might watch a playthrough since I'm curious.

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So, is King Olly a new husbando?

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Yes, definitely :D

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Oh no he’s hot!!

Nice drawing btw

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