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Battle with Fracktail

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All your artwork for the Paper Mario games is great! This one in particular is a very strong composition. Nice work!

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Thank you!! :D Means a lot!

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I like the use of a Koopa shell as a buckler - nice detail.

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I'm glad you like it! :D

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Very interesting composition. You've some lovely RPG Mario fan art, keep it up!

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Thank you! I'm gald you like my Mario RPG art :D

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Words can't express just how amazing this master piece is! Truly awesome job on this epic fight ! :D

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Thank you so much!! :heart:

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I love this, amazing job, fracktail was such a good boi, he deserved better

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OOOOOOGH! This is very amazing artwork of one of my favorite bosses from the Paper Mario series. When I saw this in your gallery, I knew that I was going to favorite it right away!

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Neooooo aaaaaaaaaa wie machst du das nur?? So gute Bilder zu malen sollte verboten werden X] Mein Gott ist das dynamisch und energiegeladen! DAS sieht mehr nach Fracktail aus als Fracktail selbst. Deine Effekte und Schattierung sind zum dahinschmelzen ;_;

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Ich mache das mit viel Liebe, Begeisterung und ein bisschen Magie. Hehe vielen lieben Dank! :D Freut mich sehr!

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May it's code rest in peace

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Insult generator:  Go away, Yeti Lip!  (One of a myriad of really funny lines in this game.)  And the fight with Fracktail, who was perfectly willing to hand over the heart to Mario, the first of the four heroes of legend, is one of the sadder parts of the game.
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I feel so sorry for him :(
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