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Admiral Bobbery

By NeoCyania
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I squealed in delight when Bobby the Bob-omb mentioned something about "being an admiral Bob-omb on a ship" in The Origami King... and then my heart ached. It's very likely that in the 16 years since Thousand Year Door came out, Bobbery has gone to see his beloved Scarlette in 'The Overthere'. One of the best partners in Thousand Year Door, and one of three heroic Bob-ombs to help Paper Mario in his quests to save the world. :salute: We salute you Admiral Bobbery!

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Ah Bobbery, he was among my favourite of all the party members, and you didn't expect him to become one at first, but he quickly proved to be quite the tank, dealing out damage and taking it too. His backstory was pretty sad, and it was touching how we were able to sort it out for him.

Very nice work, I like the more clockwork like design you gave him.

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I know, his backstory is so sad. I'm glad you like my art! :D
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You're welcome.

I love it, it's a very unique style I have to say. :)

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someone get this woman a cola
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My favorite partner! Wonderful job <3
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i love this picture! i think i mentioned this on twitter, but i really like how much he resembles your other bob-ombs, especially in his feet. he looks old and worn, but still very mechanical that way. you did a great job with his mustache, it just looks so sharp and balances out the softer circles in his design.
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good'ol Bobbery, that fucker was a good partner to defeat the queen
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Wunderbar wie immer! Die dynamisch Perspektive passt echt gut! Er wirkt ziemlich heldenhaft auf mich! Ich liebe den glühenden Effekt der Lunte und seines Auges! (Davon kann man nie genug haben haha) Generell passt das Blau und Gelb super zueinander. Du bist so verdammt gut im schattieren, ist echt der Hammer!
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Freut mich sehr, dass es dir gefällt! Ich liebe es einfach alles zu zeichnen, was im Dunklen leuchtet. Da kann man so schöne Effekte zaubern c:
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Excellent job on Bobbery, seeing this really makes me miss the old Paper Mario games. The old ones could really envoke emotions through the players at times. The new ones don't do that at all and are a shell of what Paper Mario really was. I kinda hope Paper Mario will return to the style of the old games.
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Thank you! I hope so too!
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This partner has the saddest story, don’t you think?
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