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A Dreadful Encounter

My first collab with :iconlittlesakis-aubade:. I love how it came out! Go follow her, she's a wonderful artist! :heart:
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Worth noting: Bobbery has two eyes in this picture.

His in-game sprite only has one visible eye. And not even a patch or socket where you’d expect to find the other.

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aaaaaaaa neo this is so cool and dramatic!! your coloring style really brings a pop to sask's line work, that cast light from the window and all the glittering jewelry is beautiful. great work, both of you <3

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Thank you! :D We actually did it the other way around! Saskia did the sketch and coloring, I did the line art and some final details/effects. She did an amazing job with the coloring and shading!

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oop, my mistake- taking a closer look, i can see your immaculate line work haha. she did do an amazing job.

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Why does this Mario remind me of Captain Lou?! 😲

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Holy flipping Blackbeard's flaming facial hair! :omg:

It's like a Miyazaki movie still. Like wow, Cortez have never looked this good before!

And poor ol' Bobbery's contemplating what the Dickens he's gotten himself into...

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I love how Mario's just staring down Cortez and not flinching, awesome XD

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Ah, good ol' times when Paper Mario games were good. Excellent work ^^
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This is absolutely phenomenal!
The fight with Cortez, in my opinion, is a really underrated moment in Thousand Year Door and I'd say that the two of you captured it perfectly!
NeoCyania's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
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Ya'll did an awesome work:D
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You're welcome!^^
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One of my favorite bosses from TTYD, I'm so glad that I took out my GameCube to play this game again. 
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He really does look badass

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Awesome work, ah Cortez, he was my favourite boss fight in the whole game, he really fools you into thinking he's gonna be easy with his low health, but oh man does he pull a fast one on you.

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Thanks! :D He was a great boss indeed!
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You're welcome!

He's a better character too, heck the whole chapter itself was alot of fun, definitely the point in the game where things start picking up alot more.

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