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Odyssey 2 - Ch 5 Entry - History's Link
Maya walked in, knelt down then placed a hand on Paul's shoulders, right where the tentacles were growing. He felt them pulsate with power, but he also felt that he wasn't in total control of them. Maya stroked the tentacles as if they were something she saw every day. "I know this is crazy Paul. You were the unlucky one."
Paul felt a tear roll down his cheek. "W-why me? Wh-WHAT'S GOING ON!?"
One of his tentacles lashed out, barely missing Maya by an inch. Maya held the tentacle delicately, massaging it until it relaxed once more. "I'm not sure, honestly. You're the first one to survive all of… well, this." Maya didn't say it, but Paul was sure she meant the parasite residing in him. Paul wanted to confide in Maya, but he couldn't. What would Tal'Shen do if Paul angered him? What if Maya knew about Tal'Shen? Hell, was she even Maya? Tal'Shen himself said that she holds 'the sister-progeny of Lysanna'. Maya said, "Paul, I'm going to administer some more Proxitol, okay? Hopefully this'll
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Odyssey 2 - Ch 5 Entry - A Violent Surprise :iconneocipher:NeoCipher 0 0
Mature content
Friendly Parasitic Visitors :iconneocipher:NeoCipher 0 0
Odyssey 2 - Ch 2 Entry - A Colourful Find
Hi there :D I'm going to keep this note short and simple: Hope you guys enjoy it, I enjoying writing, I'm terrified of my own ideas, and I REALLY hate cute things because they manipulate me too well.
Paul began panicking. He furiously tried to stop the spread of the disease, with absolutely no success. He tried everything from rubbing alcohol, to shaving cream, to soap, and every concoction in between. The mass of colors began to coalesce with one another, forming large puddles of strange mixtures. Paul stopped trying and sat down, looking defeated. There was nothing that he could do besides stare at the abomination that had festered  on his leg. If he focused enough, he could actually see it moving, slowly spreading across his flesh, inching outwards, slowly but surely. Little tendrils of varying colors spread up his thigh, invading more of his body. The larger it grew, the more fatigued Paul felt.
For a second, Paul could've sworn that something was moving underneath
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Mature content
Odyssey 2 - Ch 2 Entry - A Colourful Find :iconneocipher:NeoCipher 0 0
Mature content
Odyssey 2 - Ch 2 Entry - A Colourful Find :iconneocipher:NeoCipher 0 0
Odyssey 2 - Ch 1 Entry - The Start of Everything
Paul wiped the vomit stain from the bottom of his trousers, feeling bad about not doing anything. Thinking back on it, he could've saved the man himself. Maybe even impressed the lady on the other side of the train. He chuckled to himself. "Like that's gonna happen." It occurred to him that she had purple hair. Halfway through his train of thought, somebody knocked on his door. Paul got up to answer, but found that he had left the door unlocked.
"You shouldn't do that. Very unsafe." The woman that entered locked the door for Paul.
"Uh, who are you?" Paul was backing away from the woman, as if being near her would harm him. He thought she looked familiar, but couldn't quite place it.  
"No one important." She looked at his body with interest. Not sexual, but very…. Peculiarly. "Turn around and bend over."
"What-" Before Paul could react, the woman had bent Paul over, and was examining his pants. "I'm sure that this isn't legal!"
"Don't care." She prodded at something, the
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Anti--Sopa by NeoCipher Anti--Sopa :iconneocipher:NeoCipher 1 1
Odyssey into 2012 - Chapter 8 entry -Meltdown-
The light train raced towards the final gate, well out of Kaylin's control now. She tried to rest before her final encounter, but the thought of facing Darus scared her. She didn't want to fight him, not alone anyways. Jackson said he would be with her at the final battle, but he seemed to be absent at the moment. The light train started to disappear, and Kaylin floated down onto a gargantuan pane of glass. Beneath her, scenes from around the world, from different times shifted endlessly, images from everywhere blending into one another. Kaylin looked up. Darus was there, standing with his sword at the ready. She said, "So. You versus me."
He nodded. Darus cast his sword aside, letting his Zephyr of creation ignite in his hands. "Brace yourself Kaylin."
Kaylin did the same with her Zephyrs, her blue-white lightning constrasting Darus' red and black fire. Already, Kaylin could feel her strength diminishing. Just having her Zephyr and Notus, Boreas, and Eurus, out at once was draining he
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Odyssey into 2012 - Chapter 7 entry - 'Chances'
Kaylin. Darus. The only difference between the two was their goal. Kaylin needed to destroy the 8th and final gate, while Darus must stop her from doing so. Then there was Jackson. An unprecedented piece in the mystical game of chess. He would be the key to Darus' victory, if Jackson was on his side. He had his own Zephyr, much more than either Darus' and Kaylin's combined. A wild thought raced into Darus' mind, and he shuddered at the thought. Zephyrs weren't simply powers granted to a human, they had their own minds, opinions, thoughts. The Zephyr of Destruction was a stable, bland rock, only doing what is told. Darus' Zephyr,  Creation, was much more alive. It thought as it wanted to, creating new ideas quickly and dismissing them just as fast. The two Zephyrs were opposites to each other, therefore cancelling each other out, putting the two on equal ground, as well as Darus and Kaylin. Then again, Kaylin had 3 other Zephyrs. Destruction, Fear, Pain, and Death. They set he
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Odyssey into 2012 - Chapter 5 entry
Mhm. Here's my 3rd try at this story. ^_^ Have fun reading~~ And, also, would it be alright if i use this plot for my own story? I like the plot, but i want to put my own spin on it :D If you read that, please alert the Odyssey people about it. :D Thanks, and have fun.
With Darus gone -for now- and the light train speeding Kaylin to her next life or death trial, she took a clumsy seat on the floor. Kaylin took out the book Jackson had dropped after he died, and flipped through the pages sans soins. Hm. So she knew French. Nice. On the very last page, scribbled in tiny letters, was the word 'Tokyo – final point'. So her final gate is where it all started. Fun. The light train dissipated and Kaylin stepped onto the smooth, glassy surface of her next trial. The place was nothing but a huge glass. She explored the surface of the place, taking cautious steps. On her fourth step, a massive figure emerged from the horizon, flying at Kaylin with claws outstretched. Kaylin rolled to the le
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2012 Odyssey Ch2 Entry
Here's my attempt at chapter two of the story, hopefully the tone of this is acceptable ^^" Don't count these words as part of the 300 limit. Please. LOL.
Within 5 minutes of getting onto the train, the girl realized it wasn't a great idea. Her tip for those thinking of riding a train going at 186000 miles a second, don't do it. Come to think of it, she nearly threw up whatever lunch she had, but she barely held it in. If she had to take the train for every trial she had left, she might just give up. The trial… She took out the calendar and looked at the thing. Every Wednesday and Friday was circled, why? She had no idea. Without warning, the train stopped, and the force of a light beam stopping hit like huge sledgehammer. The light train dissolved, and the FELL to the ground. Part of her hoped that surviving the train ride was the first trial. She looked at the calendar again, which stayed in her grip the whole time. She found herself atop a huge rock, b
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Mature content
Unrequited Love Ch. 1 :iconneocipher:NeoCipher 0 0


Attack on Titans by minomiyabi Attack on Titans :iconminomiyabi:minomiyabi 11,006 385
Nightmare Fuel: Monsters by Anastasios Gionis
Anastasios Gionis is a digital sculptor and 3D modeler for the film industry. His work has been featured in films such as Snow White and the Huntsman, Cabin in the Woods, Land of the Lost, Hop, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.
He also did character design for kids TV shows including As Told by GingerAll Grown UpSquirrel Boy, and Rocket Power.


:icondanlev:danlev 3,665 569
Mikasa Ackerman by akaitamashi Mikasa Ackerman :iconakaitamashi:akaitamashi 511 27 Train Station by JxbP Train Station :iconjxbp:JxbP 138 7 Misaka Mikoto by JxbP Misaka Mikoto :iconjxbp:JxbP 7,428 402 League of Legends: TOWARDS SEASON 3! by Fiveonthe League of Legends: TOWARDS SEASON 3! :iconfiveonthe:Fiveonthe 3,106 384 LoL: Lazy Afternoon by Fiveonthe LoL: Lazy Afternoon :iconfiveonthe:Fiveonthe 1,339 183 Ahri The maid fox by AoiKen Ahri The maid fox :iconaoiken:AoiKen 202 24 The Girls by Neko-Reichan The Girls :iconneko-reichan:Neko-Reichan 168 96 when i forget  buy oracle... by YamadaNiiriia when i forget buy oracle... :iconyamadaniiriia:YamadaNiiriia 691 41 +  How Thresh ganks 1   + by Koyo-Adorkabowl + How Thresh ganks 1 + :iconkoyo-adorkabowl:Koyo-Adorkabowl 198 52 Rebuilding by KiriMothDesigns Rebuilding :iconkirimothdesigns:KiriMothDesigns 2,010 100 Pizza Girl Sivir by MaTTcomGO Pizza Girl Sivir :iconmattcomgo:MaTTcomGO 1,941 183 Sea of Light by Julian-Faylona Sea of Light :iconjulian-faylona:Julian-Faylona 2,381 172
Full List of Similar Games
EDIT: I updated the list, finally. I'm so sorry for being so lazy haha, I didn't add in anyone's suggestions for ages. For now, I just added the ones I was given the most information for. If you named a game but gave me no other information, I implore you to comment again with a link, synopsis and credit! Again, I'm sorry for the wait.
I got a few requests to include the list in a seperate journal entry, so here it is! I was also requested to include download links/info etc to the games. I'll do my best, but I haven't got time to search for all of them/play all of them, so if anyone could provide me with links, brief descriptions, or titles of new games, that would be fantastic!
For some of the games there will be a lack in information, usually either for a plot synopsis or for warnings regarding triggers, gore, violence etc. These will usually be caused by my not having played the game, so if you see one of the listed games lacking information, please feel free to provide it
:iconib-fanclub:Ib-Fanclub 731 320
Tal'shen the end of London calling by mooname
Mature content
Tal'shen the end of London calling :iconmooname:mooname 46 36


Okay, so this is my attempt at an entry for the story thing DeviantArt is having. I made this is literally 10 minutes, so if it doesnt get chosen, 8 more chapters to try! LOLOLOL. Well, have fun reading, and enjoy. I might end up making this into my own story eventually ^^

(Begins story here)

Who am I? A name came flickering into mind, but it went away just before i was able to grab it. Whatever it was, it seemed to be important. I reached into my right pocket. Funny lines were on a piece of paper, which made no sense to me at all. I looked around me. On both of my sides, there were tall stone walls, behind me a metal fence. The only way left for me to go was forward. I trudged on, and was nearly blinded by city lights. Dozens and dozens of colors were stacked upon other colors, small people bustling happily. Many of them gave me strange looks, and I looked at myself for any reason that I would be looked at. My clothes were fine, a brown vest over a VERY tight black shirt, and long cargo pants, with nothing in them other than the piece of paper with two words, and something in the lower pockets I haven't checked yet. I was much, much taller than the other people, at least a foot and a half more. With nothing more to do, I walked in one direction and continued on. For how long I walked, I don't know, but it didn't seem like very long until I came to a gateway, tall and gleaming bronze and silver. Whatever it was, it looked important, a sensation in my gut told me I had to get into this door somehow I took out the thing in my lower pockets. It was shaped like an L, and had something like a trigger… I took aim at the door, and pulled the trigger, 6 times until it clicked empty. The door shattered, leaving me with a choice. Do I go into the door, or do I stay here, and try to live. Whichever I chose, I knew I would be in for an adventure.
(End Story)


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