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Published: June 20, 2007
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CAPCOM mi compañia favorita de juegos :love:
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Capcom is not the 2011 Capcom anymore. They've reedeem themselves. That's why we're getting the real Devil May Cry,Mega Man is getting a new cartoon even though Mega Man Legends 2 is on the Playstation Store on PS3 and Vita and Resident Evil returns to its classic survival horror roots with RE7. Dead Rising 4 brought Frank West and Willimette back in a Christmas setting. So yeah Capcom has redeemed themselvesafter the whole SF X T debacle. It's Konami we should be angry at them for treating Hideo Kojima like crap.
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LuciferianPrincess|Student Digital Artist
To those who hate Capcom, they are NOT the worst game company. In my opinion Ubisoft is worse and this is coming from a Ubisoft nostalgia fan. At least Capcom cares about Megaman.
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Dasha-Doodles|Hobbyist General Artist
Ubisoft isn't that bad for me
They have good games like Prince of Persia, Child of Light, Rayman and etc.
My dad from Capcom knows Street Fighter only
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To me they suck hard nowadays.
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Agreed, but maybe that will change being that they have a new Megaman title coming out in August and September.
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Sonicbandicoot|Student General Artist
Capcom forever~
They gave us Hadoukens, Pewpewpews and OBJECTIONS! //shot
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I'll like :iconcapcomplz: when it isnt an :iconassholeplz: towards fans and in some cases characters.At least I see the company going in a better direction so no complaint there.
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CIFERN|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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thedarkgothangel|Hobbyist General Artist
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Sgtsoupie|Student Filmographer
Nice! Though I'm neither a big fan of the company Capcom nor one of the anti Capcom (AKA Crapcom, Cashcom ETC) member for several reasons other than DLC fiasco, the megaman rage stuff, and other cliche topic, I am however a big fan of certain series, and still is even now, such as:
Street Fighter (Fave characters: Chun-Li, Fei-Long, and Juri)
Devil May Cry (Fave characters: Dante and Vergil)
Resident Evil ( Face characters: Wesker, Nemesis, Leon, Claire, and Ada)

Hope Capcom make up something this year as I doubt they would make a same dumb mistake like most people claims.
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Dasha-Doodles|Hobbyist General Artist
Capcom isn't that bad company nowadays, but Konami is worst today
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Musiusi|Student General Artist
La mia tambien :D
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popularca2|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
dino crisis
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mejores juegos, mejores BGM, Mejores juegos de Pelea (nada de mamadas de SNK),
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Uff--- De poca con los arts. en verdad muchas gracias
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capcom es la
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SpazJackrabbit1|Student General Artist
aparte de SNK
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Resident Evil, Megaman, Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Ace Attorneys...

:love: CAPCOM! :love:
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They were so awesome during the 90's... oh well, the downfall of the video games is unavoidable...
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Monster hunter~ <3
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theEyZmaster|Professional General Artist
exactly what i wanted! :D
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Kenta-San|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love capcom. They have awesomely designed characters. Great games as well. :D Using this.
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DJWill|Hobbyist Artist
La mia tambien! ^^
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neocargalpha|Professional General Artist
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