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girl Link

somewhere right now a fangirl is crying...and a fanboy is very very confused about himself. mwhaha~
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that dress is a little small o////o
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somewhere right now a fangirl is turning lesbian (...or, at least, bi)... ^^'
cause that girl Link is sooo hot... -^^'-
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now I don't know if I like male or female link better.... D:

therefore I takez them both!
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at first I actually thought that Link was a girl. XD
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girl link? you mean links a guy?!
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Link from The Legend Of Zelda is a gorgeous Barbie doll.
the possibilities.. IT NEVER ENDS.
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Ha ha finally! His face matches the rest of his body XD Awsome work here
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You did a great job!.. every game character should be a girl.
You went a bit over
Board with the boobs.
Other than that its good.
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UR NOT A MAN! lol kidding XD
no im not a man im a girl and a pretty one at that about you? u a guy or girl if i dont mind me asking. oh sorry i didnt reply till now i havent checked my mail lol plz write back
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oh well.....haha my bad XD wow this is like a while back lol. your a girl? pretty one? -_- proof lol. you dont have to. jk jk. im a guy by the way.
id give you proof but i just cut my hair and i think i look btr with long hair. *sniff* lol im not really a picture person so i dont really take pics of me. but if you really want to see me now ill try to find a pic i should have one... i think i dont look anything like that now. heehee.
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well lol if ya want to you can send me one from back then. yeah same with me. i like to make pictures but i just dont like taking any of me lol XD
lol yeah i hate taking pics lol ummm just wondering how old r u?
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very nice that is perfectly what link would look like as a girl
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This fanboy is happy. There's no reason why Link couldn't be female.
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