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Winter Soldier Fanart

By NeoArtCorE
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FanArt : Winter soldier from Captain America : Civil War
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© 2016 - 2021 NeoArtCorE
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Wow the Russians really did a number on him
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to all of the SJW, feminists and others in the comments below me, take an ice bath and chill cause y'all more heated than a pot of spaghetti being cooked over a plasma torch in Miami during a summer heat spike
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"Who the hell's Betty?"
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I think a female Bucky would be Becky, but Betty works too.
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betty is hulk's girlfriend
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That ass doe 👅🍑
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I'm so I love with your artwork!!!! Beautifull, sexy and gorgeous work as always 😍 😍😍 😍 😍😍 😍 😍!!!!
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Wicked I love it 
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Omg that's so badass! Now winter solider is twice as op.
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What a bad list. It's filled with social justice warrior reasoning.
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I know right? Just some feminazi shit. A true bad genderbend is just bad art or a genderbend that barely has any of the unique features of the original person. I mean, 'robots gaining metal boobs'? The point of a genderbend is to take a boy, and keep the unique features and put them on a girl.
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What a bad comment, I take it that you're easily impressed, but hey, as long as there's ass n tits right?
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There is good reason to be impressed by this. This is very good art, ass n tits or not. Think about it, if this was a man, it would still be good.
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Impressive comeback(sarcasm). I just don't let political correctness cloud my judgment. 
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Oh that's a great pose. 
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Cool Genderswap :clap: :clap: :clap:
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And ice can burn! (very hooot Winter Soldier's). I her want.LoveIrreproachable artwork.
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