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If her sheild had a lioness on it. It would look like a cooler version of Alanna Cooper from the song of the Lioness series.
Do you read Tamora Pierce's books?
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Awesome colors and pose. I love her weapons and armor. :3
KEWL!! She definitely looks like an ass-kicker. Everything about this is awesome but the shield really stands out for me.
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I would like to get beaten down by here just to look at her pants *w* haha anyway nice piece , good design and the landscape hits good !

Only crit is I would have changed that green into that blue from the shield, would be more harmonic with the background.

anyway nice pic :)
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but if he did that, wudnt it make her blend in with the bg instead of stand out a lil bit??
maybe i just cant imagine wat ure trying to say...
but i do aree with u...
this is a nice piece...
n tha landscape is just the awesome-est!!
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well basically my idea was just that to me the bg looks warm and the blue might seperate it well :D
just the green and the blue look random to each other , maybe some finetuning in the hue might have had solved it enough
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i get it now...
n now that u mention it...
i can kinda see wat u mean...
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... lots of points give a strange impression :3
youre welcome !
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Top job!
Great colouring!
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great colors as usual.

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I love the armor design. And the coloring is spectacular.

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Awesome work, really well done ^^ Congratulations

BTW, I'll move it from "Anthro" to "Digital Art" since it seems to fit that gallery better, I hope you don't mind it ;)
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The shading is magnificient! I like the dark and crumbling background. Brings her to the foreground very well. *___* pretty lighting and character~
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Awesome Pic! I like the lighting.
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nice outfit design!!!

its sexy and taugh!!
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OMG that is so good!!
you should make a tutorial.
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I like the level of thickness in her form :)
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I dig that look in her eyes.
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love the sword texture and the armor.....great ^^
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