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artwork for ItemAward3 in Thailand.
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When NUNU is feed
isn't this from Final Fantasy XI?
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Reminds me of SAO
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god that creature looks familar but from where
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that son of a bitch is smiling :D Fuckn coldblooded. Like it
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Monster incoming!!!! scary!
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What kind of a creature is this? Is this an almagam of a sasquatch and an ogre?
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thats a big monkey
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thats a big monkey
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EPIC!! Reminds me of so many spine-chilling RPG battles I've enjoyed over the years!
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You dont see it but Im hiding behind the warrior with red hair
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The Warrior in the back just seems to be thinking, "Really, another one."
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Amazing, a rather spectacular piece of battle art. Just out of curiosity, is there another one of the beasts in the lower left-corner of the piece?
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Great fantasy piece!!
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reminds me NUNU in league of legends !! great work :wormnomnom:
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this looks like it would be a good scene for an RPG game
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wish i could see it bigger
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one word...RUN!

very nicely done, love your work!
Ouch! I'm loving the Wizards spell. It's the second thing you look at after the Giant beast. What really draw my attention to the spell cast is the color value of the spell and the value of the environment. Fantastically put together.
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