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artwork for K9 challenge.
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Allanon13's avatar
hot, powerful and beautiful! An great picture!
EgotoLegend's avatar
you know this is the kind of style i've been looking for mix with tetsuya nomura
Valor115's avatar
This needs a crazy theme song like the power rangers. That or like Gundom would work. Hey this is amazin and you deserve a very ummy cookie!
Llunet1's avatar
This is beautiful work!! :D
But the character seems a bit out of place or something. I don't know, I feel like she was just added on or something. Maybe work with the lighting so it looks more like she's at... wherever she is. ^^;
shinjokouga's avatar
maybe because the robot behind her didn't have same lighting like her,
Llunet1's avatar
Yeah. Or vice versa. XD
BlueDarkAngelWings's avatar
The outfit is awesome and the background reminds me of Gundam.
Blindscape's avatar
:iconlawooplz: I caught u red-handed! the structure behind her is a level 35 accretian gunner from RF online!
ECVcm's avatar
Beautiful and sexy futurist girl
zinga-zhang-zu's avatar
Beautiful girls and giant robots- my kind of art! Good work making the foreground stand out from the background image, while still making the background look nice.
Artobotrys's avatar
this is sooo cool
VisionVelocity's avatar
Wow, awesome details! ^_^
chidori-art's avatar
Amazing details :wow:
R1VENkassle's avatar
Totally sweet! Loving the colors and the boldness of the image!
anaisae's avatar
wow shes beautiful!!!
worldsend007's avatar
well that looks so awsome
TheFlamingCrow's avatar
Good job! Great colors and design...I think the legs are a bit longer than they should be though.
elee0228's avatar
Really nice work with the focus to make the foreground jump out from the backdrop. :)
Witch85's avatar
The character design is beautiful, soft colors are very beautiful and wonderful background!
susan-chan's avatar
u r better and and better :3
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