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Wonky little hat = best hat
looks like a scylla girl
x19a's avatar
Kinda reminds me of "Parasite Eve"...
Stoisis's avatar
Well she doesn't have to cut her toenails, nice work
Frozen-Pegasus's avatar
But she has to live with the fact that she sucks. 
Lynn8Solstice's avatar
What a vivid nightmare you've created! I would rather she be my ally than my enemy.
AliceKandi's avatar
This is amazing! I would be K.O'd in a nanosecond! lol!
CanadianEnclave's avatar
"hey this looks prettyy cooLLLJ JESUS CHRIST KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!

looks awesome tho
MasterPitzy's avatar
that is the most disturbingly sexy drawing i've ever seen on D.A...
amazing job!
lordmep's avatar
I like her arms.
i-go-ru's avatar
Tysho's avatar
Are you a fan of Jason Chan by chance? Great work mate! Nice and unpleasent...

Though I'm not sure about the hat/thing on her head.
Overzeas's avatar
hmm , hmm, she looks pretty hot *scroll* ohh..
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viatervhec's avatar
devo de admitir que envidio tu talento
KurenaiSakura's avatar
Wow! Scary! lol Reminds me of like a reinterpretation of Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Awesome job though!
xXlIzXbRo0tAlCoReXx's avatar
BigGrabowski's avatar
creepy! cool design, well painted :)
Herwin-DU's avatar
i like it
sabelrassler's avatar
"Heyyy baby, you having a good ti--OH HOLY CHRIST! Oh God... I uh.. *hork* I gotta... um, fold laundry...*gag* left the oven on... *cough* paint the lawn..."
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