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Nico Robin

You've made my day!. Thanks for counting on me, Sanji.
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I started watching you because you are very good with skin, but this one looks like you are trying something new. It is like the question of how skin looks with subsurface lighting or not. It is what I see on the edges with wide brown lines. It is more lines than a gradual blend. I real life I see the folds of the skin much darker, and they have highlights for a group of folded likes, because not all folds start with just folds, and where the skin smooths out there a few creases that started with more and became on large fold.

I am still learning, while this one just seems different and not like the other art you did with great skin, and this still has great skin colors in the main areas, it is just the edges looks odd, or not right in some way I what I know is not enough to help. If the edges had a finer edge lines that was darker not brown, because subsurface lighting would need to be a light area, not going into the shadows, so the lines need blackened, or shading. The clearest example is around the fingers. I think the edges of them needs to be lighter.

This is looking interesting, any more of it?

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Wow! Amazing Robin!

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Very beautiful artwork!!:heart:

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Wow, that's beautiful work

Gorgeously sexy and hypnotically bouncy

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