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She could enlarge herself into a much bigger form in order to be able to battle against demon
Which one you prefer? Adult or Demon?

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Good Morning...Inosuke

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she's adorable~
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I've seen this character elsewhere.  I know I am slow but  could you or someone PLEASE tell me WHY does she have this thing over her mouth.  I have not seen any explanation on it.  If anyone could please tell me, Thank you, I appreciate it.
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Bamboo Muzzle
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Someone said she was a demon and would eat people so she has the muzzle.  I thought only zombies and vampires would attack people for their flesh and/or blood.
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In the anime when you turn into a demon you eat people and the mouth thing is to stop her from eating people.
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Hell, IF that was all it takes to keep a demon from eating people then it would be so easy to stop them.  Shove a piece of bamboo in her mouth and suddenly she is cute and cuddly.  LOL.
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Lol it only works for her since she has FAR more self control than other demons
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She's half-demon, that stops her from biting people and turning completely.
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OK.  Thank you.  How does she eat?!  Does she still need to feed on blood?!  Can you tell me what the name of the anime is she is from?!
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KoalaOShizHobbyist Digital Artist
She's full demon (have been changed by the First Demon Kibutsuji Muzan) but due to her being special, she only need to sleep to heal herself and not eat anyone. She can go for a day nap to a several month naps depending on the injury ^^
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Wow. Demons can sleep like a Cat.  LOL.
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KoalaOShizHobbyist Digital Artist
she's the only one who does that too~
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I don't know much more, the anime is called Kimetsu no Yaiba, I'm pretty sure you can find more stuff about it on Wikipedia or something. I just learnt about this character myself by checking Google, since the design was intriguing.
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OK.  Thank you.  The unusual imagery drew my attention.  This is always the way with anime isn't it?!
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I have long wondered, why is she carrying bamboo bit gag in her mouth?

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