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Practice drawing in my spare time~ 
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WOW, you make these look amazingly attractive!

I was just curious about something, can you please let me know what art software you use for all your drawings?

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Wow beautifully gorgeous! :heart: 
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I love Mikasa so much ♥... but this one... this one is so impressive... love it so much! ^^
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Too AMAZING for just "practice"!!!!!!
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Sexy tits and abs.
WOW!!! This is what you call practice?
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tits tits tits 
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I love her abs ;) this is beautifully done overall. Good job!
Of all the drawings I've seen of Mikasa, this is BY FAR MY FAVORITE!!! Wow! You totally did an amazing job on her! Not only did you include her scar but you also gave her perfect detail and attention to her muscles, especially her rock hard abs. Those abs are absolutely gorgeous and Mikasa worked extremely hard for those and you worked very hard drawing them! :) Nice boobies too...they are perfect shape and make Mikasa even sexier...great way to top it off.  I'm usually a fan of keeping female characters buttoned up, not showing skin, but I cannot help to say this drawing really displays Mikasa's true strength.

I'm totally in love with Mikasa and this drawing makes me love her even more! What a hottie she is! I with more female characters were as awesome and strong as Mikasa (and drawn as strong for that matter). I'm a dude and I'm very inspired by Mikasa. Inspired by her badassery and her incredible strength.  Thank you for drawing Mikasa like this.  Truly one of the best works of art I've ever seen.  :) 
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Lovely artwork.

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if the the world wasent over run by titans i would totally try and get with her
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"Practicing drawing in my SPARE time" ~NeoArt
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This is practice?!?!?!?!
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amazing, love her
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