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Jill Valentine

By NeoArtCorE

I love her outfit but i still miss that tube top, black skirt and brown boots. And I have yet to see a single raccoon in the entire franchise...

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 This piece on January's Rewards.  

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Jill valentine is super hot and sexy

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Very cool! Jill is awesome, RE3 is one of the best Re games in the series!

Keep up the good work!

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look really amazing, really I had this talent for Digital art :heart:
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I put this one on my lock screen, and the other one on my background. constantly unlocking my phone now.. best ever

make her naked plss

i will buy patreon when u done it

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Great work, been a follower for a while
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great render of jill, nicely worked

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Awesome picture!  that’s actually a game I really wanted to play but never did. Nemesis looked a cool bad guy. 
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Well the closest thing to a raccoon are those collectibles added to the Resident Evil 2 Remake. That is about it. Now then as for Jill Valentine dressing more appropriately for the zombie outbreak in Raccoon City for the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake, her original revealing attire is an unlockable attire though I hope it is done in game and not via DLC.  She still looks great and recognizable. Nemesis will see S.T.A.R.S. alright but it sorely regret ever tangling with her in the first place. 
if you read her and carlos original looks are preorder items that will eventually get added as buy able dlc also there were stuffed mounted raccoons in operation raccoon city they just took some looking to find
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I also read it is only if you want to unlock them right from the beginning. Otherwise though it would be a very scummy move to hide what was free behind a paywall. Yeah but barely anyone played that rubbish title. 
I fould it to be an interesting take liek how the ghost survivors went the other side of the outbreak other people with no real experience against bio enhanced enemies
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Even then, Resident Evil Outbreak 1 and 2 released way back on the PS2 are far better titles for that sort of thing.
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I like the confusion in her face
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Jill ?
Jill its me,Chris !
Your really good friend !
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Jill, don't open that door!
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