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hope you like it.
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This is so good.  I love the fine details.
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Graphics in MMORPGs are usually worth nothing. They should use his graphics.
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May I please use this as a profile picture
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wohohoo thats a mighty hammepickaxe he has there! He looks as a warrior/miner guy! I like it! Love how you dealt with the light in the back, kind of slightly mystical too. 
Anyway also you got featured on FB page,  Erebor! Link is here:…
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That work is... well, it's perfect. Adorable. Fantastic.
Well done!
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I freaking love dwarves, this is perfect
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This is incredible! Beautiful work congrats :D

Com and see fantasy Art Gallery :

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he looks funny
Now that is a dwarf with a lot of character!!
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I like it very much!!
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Yes! This it my favourite! İt's awesome!
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I like the cigar.
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...That tunnel is well-ventilated, isn't it?
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Wow the detail is impressive. Quality work. Thanks for sharing.
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Great piece of work.
Thanks for sharing...
Featured in Inspirations at
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beautiful! i like the crystals in the back ground very much!
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Wow, great picture for my Baldur's Gate's dwarf character!!
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Heh, great dwarf! :D
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Wow! Your art is very impressive!
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Made me smile.
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