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My sexy Bumblebee FanArt!!~

Hope you like her!! :3
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The art is soooo good..
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:love: Transformers Prime: Starscream 4 Makes me wanna dance. Bumblebee is laughing icon  Love it. Transformers: Prime Ratchet Facepalm Icon HUH, what will they come up with next?
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Is this Transformers fan art? Or original character that happens to have the same name as a character from Transformers? I mean she looks like a bee mech musume. Is that actually the case? Everyone else seems to think this is Bumblebee (the yellow car?) from Transformers though!

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You know humans in cybertronians are not biologically compatible
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why so oversexualized she would get killed in an instant fuck these sexy female armor bluushit it is unrealistic af
mmulliken's avatar
I hope your kidding.. not all art is realistic.. it's called fantasy art for a reason you brainless feminist twit. This kinda stuff isn't for you.. I really am sorry you grew up an ugly female and can't relate and now you hate everything that reminds you of what you will never be but you need to grow up and realize.. it's just art, if you don't like it, move along.
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i don't like it so i don't like it, how come you think you know how my chidlhood was, you are a weirdo :D
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can you make more of her i like this one
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Which Movie Is This One From?
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i like this can you do more drawings of this bumblebee
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What no decepticon girls?
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Best character...i love it ( 。• 👅 •。`)
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For me it says it's unavailable what's up with that?
PhoenixBlaze6403's avatar
Either Of Two Things, Either Your Underage, Or You Have Safe Mode On
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tremendo, se ve demasiado genial como combinas a una humana sexy con una adaptación de Bumblebee como armadura aún conservar escancia del personaje, genial!
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Alrite now.
time for ZB-7
lets have it c'mon. xDDDDDD
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The armor's impressively colored, no beautiful, and there's even an explosive background. Butt seems out of place in this kind of picture, but I accept it.
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mmmmmmmmmmmm, look at those...honeybuns :3
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