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hello dear members, watchers and visitors

it ´s been a while since my last post here in the group. time has past and a lot of things developed. i had an exhibition last month called "die diktatur der angepassten" and it went very well. sold some pieces and made great contacts for future projects. the next exhibition will be in august together with our member Polygonist thomas demuth from hamburg, germany at the art-haus-gallery in erftstadt, germany. the exhibition will be called "neo surrealism: two worlds: lehmann & demuth". the owner of the gallery is the czech artist milos tichy who worked for some big companies already.

yesterday we meet at the artclub in cologne where thomas had some works exposed and we talked about some things. the artbook was questioned by thomas also during the night. i think that some more of you wonder how the things are running with it as some of you already have send me mails and asked med about the project. well, as i answered them and yesterday, i can say that this project is already alive.

sometimes it is a bit hard to get all things under one hat (is this translatebale in english from german?!), i mean art, family and job. for me the artbook is a very serious project and i like to see the final book more than any. but i want to make it right and in a professional way. it shall be a printed book where people can make themselfs a great overview of neo-surrealism and for the included artists it should help them to increase and step up their art-career development. the time will come, when i send out the respective pages to the artists for their approval and/or changes before going to the print version. i kindly ask you to give me the time for this.

also i´d like to thank all admins and contributors here for the work done in the past. for the great selection of works and accepting or declining join requests. for keeping the quality in this great group.

have a good time and keep up the great work!

Oliver pixellabor
Hello to all our dear artists, members and visitors!

I am still alive - some may have thought that i would never be back - and back for some news for you.
First of all let me explain the long absence of myself here on dA. Me and my family bought a house and with that, a lot of things had to be done. Everything went fine and we´ve already made the renovations of our new home. some things must be done still, but the hell of work is over now. so i will be more present here from now on.

now to the artbook project. i am sorry for the delay and that i couldn´t take the estimated date for the layout. but i hope you all have sense that some other things are there first. since some time has passed and maybe some of the participating artists had some new exhibitions and works, i like to set a new date for any updated artworks and / or artist informations for the book. so please send (if desired) the new files to my email adress as is known to the respective people. the deadline for this update shall be: OCTOBER, 23rd 2010

you could send me the high resolution files as well (max. 15 mb per mail or use or similar stuff). i try to finish the layout till the first week in november, so that each artist will receive her/his sides in the book as a pdf for controlling them and give the ok.

i hope you can live with this. please let me know if there are any questions.

best regards,

Oliver pixellabor
i´d like to inform all members, contibutors, watchers and visitors of the NSA group that regarding my personal appearence here in the last weeks and in the coming ones is not that frequently high as usual.

this has to do with some family issues and some things i have to do reagrding our personal future.
so please respect that thing. sometimes it happens that membership requests and gallery submissions expire.
in that case please retry or contact one of the contributors please.

some words about the NSA artbook project. it is still alive! i received updates and new images by some participans and i saved them all. it is possible that the first preview pdfs of the artists pages may arrive a later as calculated. but this will be clear about beginning of august. otherwise i will write another statement here about the timetable.

thank you all for the attention and understanding.

best wishes,

Oliver pixellabor
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:bulletblack:WHAT ARE WE?

The NSA´s main objective is to gather artworks of a high level in execution, technique and expression from surreal and neo-surreal artists around the world.
The art itself should have a message and so does the artist. We want to show the world what is wrong here. We like to show the misfits in society, culture and politics. If you feel you belong here, then just go ahead and contacts us.

In the future some physical exhibitions are planed where the art of our members will be exhibited. Thus high resolution files will be expected for such cases.

:bulletblack:HOW DO I BECOME A MEMBER?

If you feel that you belong here, just click the JOIN OUR GROUP button in which you write something about you and your art. Your real name would be also needed, as we intend to build a listing of all artists with their real and dA-nicknames for exhibition issues where use of real name is recommended.

Please note that we can decline your join request and that it is possible that we give no reasons why we declined you. in that case be aware, that we check your gallery before we say yes or no. so the quality of your works was the most possible reason.

It is also possible that you receive an invitation from us to become a member, as we scan the artworks already submitted here on dA. Also remember that we always try to check the profile pages of passing by deviants. And we do appreciate it if you put the group on your watchlist so you can stay tuned and never miss any news.

:bulletblack:HOW CAN I SUBMIT ART?

Once a member, you can simply click SUBMIT ART From the top menu or click on BROWSE FOLDER in our featured frame, and follow SUBMIT TO THIS FOLDER option to submit your art. . Your submission request will then be sent to our admin(s) for approval. You will get a message if your submission is accepted or declined.


Andreea Anghel, Romania Cigaroh
Peter Andolfi, USA dukecrescent
Françoise André, Belgium franzoise
Engeland Apostol, Malaysia sheepairsupport
Ehsan S. Azzuz, USA EhsanA
Asterios, Greece astrolavos
Jon Beinart, Australia JonBeinart
Stephanie Bennett, USA cades2k4
Felipe Berríos, Chile Desastre-de-Hijo
Paul Bertram, Ireland PaulBertram
Jon Bibire, USA jon-bibire
Michael Birnstingl, Austria Birni4
Andrey Bobir, Kazakhstan AndreyBobir
Daniel Andersson Boe, Sweden dabsemion
Stefano Bonazzi, Italy StefanoBonazzi
Adrian Borda, Romania borda
Dina Bova, Israel dinabova
Tom Bruck, USA tabsquared
Oana Cambrea, Romania Cutteroz
Santiago Caruso, Argentina s-caruso
Francisco Carvajal, Chile morwar
Alex C., USA L-3X
Jodi Chares, England TALONABRAXAS
Pamela B. Chávez R., Mexico MoonlightSpirits
Keizer Climax, Belgium KeizerClimax
Rares Costea, Romania DrumsOfWar
Pierre-Alain D., France 3mmI
Thomas Demuth, Germany Polygonist
Bernd Dreilich, Germany 3Licht
Bernard Dumaine, France Bernardumaine
Christian Edler, Germany reality-must-die
Whendy Muchlis Effendy, Indonesia sabercore23ArtStudio
Jorge Taborda Escobar, Costa Rica Taborda08
Scott Façon, USA scottfacon
Phil Fensterer, USA fensterer
Elton Fernandes, Brazil EltonFernandes
Paul Flockhart, Scotland Flockhart
Cristina Francov, Mexico NaagromFrancobvitch
Pier Fudaryli, Mexico fudaryli
Shane Gallagher, Australia ShaneGallagher
Paul Gerrard, UK Sallow
Dave Gold, USA davegoldartgallery
Farzad Golpayegani, Turkey farzadonline
Mauricio Javier González, Chile Sidiuss
Cameron Gray, Australia parablev
Wojciech Grzanka, Poland voogee
Lynn Graznak Saults, USA surrealmacabre
Gloria Gypsy, USA gloriagypsy
Pete Hamilton, UK PeteHamilton
I.T. Hammar, Norway IT-Hammar
Ton Haring, Netherlands TonHaring
Douglas Humphries, Canada DouglasHumphries
Lukasz Jasik, Poland Luccas-pl
Erik Johansson, Sweden alltelleringet
Jay Johson, UK JJohnsonArtworks
Lauri Jonbenett, Venezuela 6nine-eyes9
Jacek Kaczyński, Poland, wuwejo
Jonathan Kemp, Québec (Canada) jkemp
Sergey Kharlamov, Ukraine kharlamov
Jakob Klug, Germany J4K0644061x
Amy Kollar Anderson, USA AmyKollarAnderson
Aleksander Korman, Poland alkor12
Larissa Kulik, Russia AnnMei
Eric Lacombe, France monstror
Tobias Laufer, Germany TeeAl
Andrejs Lavrinovičs, Latvia artendrju
Oliver Lehmann, Germany pixellabor
Danny Malboeuf, USA kolaboy
Stefano Mattioni, Italy mashina
Janelle McKain, USA janellemckain
Christoph Michaelis, Germany Christoph-Michaelis
Max Mitenkov, Belarus vimark
Katatsuri Modako, Azerbaijan katatsurimodako
Pablo P. Monforte, Spain PabloMonforte
Christine Morren, Belgium chris10belgium
Konstantin Murashev, Russia Kosmur
Kazuhiko Nakamura, Japan Almacan
Dan Neamu, Romania DanNeamu
Mario Sánchez Nevado, Spain Aegis-Illustration
Elli P., Germany Mihray
Mariana Palova, Mexico MarianaPalova
John Palumbo Jr., USA johnpalumbojr
Constantine Panitsidis, Greece nteko
Leo Patzelt, Germany Pixelnase
Graszka Paulska, Poland grazapp
Piotr Peterius, Poland Peterio
Mariano Petit de Murat, Mexico artsublime
Hèctor Pineda, Mexico HectorPineda
Sandrine Replat, France senyphine
Paula Rosa, Portugal Paula-Rosa
Martin de Diego Sádaba, Spain AlMaNeGrA
Roxana Sagastume, Mexico deadlybuterfly
Max Sauco, Russia sauco-m
Erik Schumacher, Germany ErikShoemaker
Gromyko Padilla Semper, Philippines gromyko
Ondřej Provazník, Czech Republic ssup
Anton Semenov, Russia Gloom82
Mike Semers, Greece Serkenil
David Senecal, USA Senecal
Dennis Sibeijn, Netherlands damnengine
Reinhard Schmid, Germany anubis46
Sheela Singla, USA SheelaSingla
Szymon Siwak, Poland anapt
Sylwia Skubis, Poland SylwiaS
Brian Smith, USA moldyb
Ignas Smygol, Lithuania Smygol
Eugene Soloviev, Russia Apachennov
Matthias Staber, Austria mathismondhut
Lucian Stanculescu, France hypnothalamus
Jutta Sugden, USA cloistering
George Teseleanu, Romania hrn
Pek Thong, Malaysia pekthong
Chris Tianto, Indonesia goatheadcorp
German Tillemann, Chile gesign
Giovanni Tilotta, Mexico giovanni26aprile
Tomasz "Tome" Trafial, Poland Trafial
Deborah Valentine, USA Deborah-Valentine
Mariano Villalba, Argentina mariano7724
Markus Vogt, Germany MarkusVogt
Dave Whitlam, UK DaveWhitlam
Jeannette Woitzik, Germany Schnette
Pastor Xisaq, Poland xisaq

:bulletblack:To all members who are not yet listed here:
We need your full name and your country to add you here. So please send these informations by note.This will help us a lot.
Thank you!


The N-S-A Staff includes the following deviants:











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