Science Beyond Sanity?

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it's like a narcotic drug ... not good at all ...

... ectstatic, strange & dangerous mind states, that can lead to death for example.
... but truly impressive discoveries are done that way, by risking sanity & life.
... when very advanced science is involved, risks considered are very insane ...
... i won't give example, it'd be too stupid & against my true goal.

during one of these mind states i had idea of 'a void scientist'.… .

... they say, stupid ideas sell well.
... i think it's true, but life is not only about money ... so there's more to consider (not any less).

... i think that without risking i won't find Enlightened Love in this life, so i have to be 'fast' at times, thinking beyond sane norms & danger levels. psychotropic drugs regulate how energy flows in brain, how synapses work, etc ...

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