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Attentus Meditating.

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... Attentus apprentice of Versutus is the most important of my roleplaying characters,
... full name is: Attentus filius Versutus de domo Tremendi (Tremere).

... he's also known as Attentus Vernet ... after Claude Joseph Vernet, seaside paint Artist who lived in France, in XVIII century.

... Attentus used to call Magick an Art, and keeps this attitude still - even after reincarnation.
... for him practice of Magick was - and is - a form of expression, even if 'it fails when needed the most'.

... he's meditating by a waterfall in a seizan / zazen / position, his Raven Familiar - Visage - is flying nearby.

i started to play him in Ars Magica, but he was mostly played in D&D (Dungeons & Dragons, Neverwinter Nights 1, Narfell Server), for about 10 years of serious commitment, at least.

He was Arcane Diplomat, with weakness for women - especially witches.

He was leading Spellweaver Keep - Arcane Guild - for a while, and with his love, Wethrillina Aeliath, they joined two Arcane Guilds together - Spellweaver Keep & Emerald Circle.

... she wasn't nor is his possession however, she was and is independent woman.

... Attentus' tale is not fully written as of yet, as i am not ready for that.

here are beginnings, as told by Chea Allin:

- Attentus & Visage: [… ],
- Skrying for Attentus' Past, Part 1: [… ],
- Skrying for Attentus' Past, Part 2: [… ],
- Skrying for Attentus' Past, Part 3: [… ],
- Skrying for Attentus' Past, Part 4: [… ].
- Skrying for Attentus' Past, Part 5: [… ],
- Skrying for Attentus' Past, Part 6: [… ].

Chea was working with Visage to set-up conditions for Attentus' reincarnation in Narfell.

She did foresee a little about his coming:
- A night sky full of stars: [… ],
- Realm: [… ],

She succesfully found Kensho - Attentus reincarnated - then brought him to Narfell:
- Back in Narfell: [… ],

There's also one tale related by Attentus:
- Revelation: [… ].

Attentus' Outfit: [ ].

Attentus. by neo-mahakala-108  Visage, Attentus' Raven Familiar. by neo-mahakala-108

-=- Attentus & Visage. -=-

Wa by neo-mahakala-108

... that's how i imagine Wethrillina Aeliath, except that being a Witch of Unseelie Court: Unseelie Fey - she had a light-blue skin ...

... her blue skin: 'a heaven's caress'.

... because of her unnatural blue skin she suffered mistrust, persecutions, hatred, ...

... a 'Reputable' Barbarian of Norwick: Uthger, with his torches & lynch mob banished her from Norwick, as well.

... not sure if Wethrillina Aeliath's player - Nerialka on DeviantART - agrees, however.

Credits, Attentus Related:
* Julian Sands - main character's actor in the 'Warlock' - horror film,
* a fellow narfell player for changing hair colour, i forgot his/her nickname,
* D&D Forgotten Realms inspiration: Khelben 'Blackstaff' Arunsun,

Credits: Wethrillina Aeliath Related:
* Nerialka on DeviantART,
* Luis Royo.
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