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Flower Mould-Red. by neo-mahakala-108, visual art


Chea with a Silver-Green Tiara on her forehead. by neo-mahakala-108, visual art


Attentus. by neo-mahakala-108, visual art


Crystal Lotus, Cats 'n' Candles. by neo-mahakala-108, visual art

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Silver Signet with Loving Eyes Mantra. by neo-mahakala-108, visual art

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My Bio

i am a male buddhist witch.

My tools for Digital Arts are:

* MacBook Air 13,3" with Apple M1 Processor and 16 GB RAM,

* Adobe Photoshop CS6,

* Adobe Creative Cloud,

* Wacom One Medium Graphic Tablet,

* Canon PowerShot ELPH 190 IS Camcorder, with a half-professional tripod stand (Tripod Camrock TE68 Black),

* Canon Camera Connect Android App that can turn smartphone into a remote control for camera,

* Motorola Moto G 5G phone for selfie photos, remote control for Canon Camcorder as well,

* Online Courses - not only DeviantART.

> [ ].

... i am also using H&B crayons.

Zrzut Ekranu 2021 09 7 O 16 25 08 By Neo Mahakala

i am an artist, a philosopher & scientist.

i am inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, i wish to be someone comparable to a Modern Leonardo.

... i wish to be an Art Critic, with Loving Eyes - focusing on what's best among Artists & their works, praising for excellence, ignoring the rest.

... i wish to be modest, nice, spiritually & ethically developed, to look appropriately as well.

... of all Art, i am interrested in 'Art of Magick & Light' the most, as well as in Martial Arts.

... my favourite colours are: black, silver & purple.

i try to give tribute to Buddha's Lotus & Sword families.

... for example: that way.

trying to be: 'Mahakala Lama Rinpoche' & 'Manjushri Bodhisattva', perhaps more or something else as well ...

'Lama' means: 'Teacher', Lama joins Blessing (i try to help others), Methods (i try to teach others) & Protection (i try to protect others), ... i do not know all of the details as of yet ...

'Rinpoche' means 'precious one'. the word is used as a way of showing respect when addressing those recognized as reincarnated, older, respected, notable, learned and/or an accomplished Lamas or teachers of the Dharma, Buddha's Unsurpassable Teachings.

'Manjushri' is 'Bodhisattva of Wisdom'.

'Boddhisattva' is 'one for strives for Enlightenment for good of all beings'.


... 'also known as' & 'associated titles' ...:

* 'Guardian of Spiritual Excellence' (karmic-way-for-enlightenment.b…),

* 'Artificial Life of a Lizard' (,

* 'Alfred of Rivia' (,

* 'Neo Mahakala 108' (,

* 'Bodhi Lao Mahakala' (,

* 'A stupid male form' (karmic-way-for-enlightenment.b…),

* 'Astral Lunatic' (,

* 'Andrzej No Mahakala No Kami No Genshin', in making. ,

* 'Mahakala Lama Rinpoche', in making.

... perhaps, perhaps more as well ...


... trying to create a Corporation, NIDAN Corporation ... but not at all cost.

... i am a technoartist, or trying to be at least ... mostly computer sciences & other sciences, martial arts & digital arts ... hacking included, as well as karate & tantojutsu ...



-= Trading Llamas for other badges [ 1 badge for 1 badge ]. =-

... free artist without education, all of my art on deviantART is available freely, to be used in Your Art, for example.

... a lot of my Art won't be for sales at least 'till end of my life, i believe that True Art should be free, earning money on Arts is not so true - even if there are Professional True Artists.

... i prefer to not sell too much, but i have some arts for sales, anyway.

... trying to study art(s), mostly digital, mostly deviantART ...

... there's 'artful programming', i think ... as well ...

... there are 'martial arts', as well ... not only deviantART ...

... computer games i prefer to not play without deviantART, really, however ... i should write tales with 'a screenshot(s)' as i do with these games ...

professionally 'artistic software dev & hacker, paradigmatist, net admin ... but also a mental health assistant'.

i am an eternal student that finally finished something (mental assistant course) & got diploma ... and now i am eternal student again.

... one has to keep studying for whole life, not only at youth.

My Mental Health Assistant Qualifications.

No longer Virgo, now Sagittarius & Aquarius.

Can't stand being abused anymore.

Only beloved (i know which) can treat me as Virgo.

i like Women, Martial (and other) Arts (~5 years of training in many martial art schools), Books, Psychology (mostly Jungian, NLP & Mentalism), Philosophy (Mostly Eastern Martial Arts Philosophy), Music (Videoclips), Films (Matrix, Martial Arts Films), need to travel (not only in Internet).

my Teachers are Lama Ole Nydahl, (indirectly) Karmapa in 17th incarnation Trinley Thaye Dorje, and (indirectly) Dalai Lama.

i do not tolerate Terror & Terrorism.

i need lessons for Idealistic Yogi on Vajrayana Level.

i need to learn Experience of Milarepa, and Wisdom of Marpa.

i wish to create e-learning platform called 'Art & Dharma Teachings', distributed internet application with purpose of helping to learn Buddhist Art, it's symbolism and connections with Dharma teachings (but not at the cost of Enlightened Love).

i am not 'very fucking food thinking disorder'. i am better than that.


Art & Dharma Teachings.

(click on an image to enlarge ... if You wish).

Current link to drawing board (unfinished yet):

(feel free to contact me about this, about how it should be done).

... Art & Dharma Teachings is the Most Ambitious project of mine, even more Ambitious than Nanotechnology intent.

Why it's so ambitious? Well i think it takes more than only Computer Sciences understanding, many other things are needed as well: .

i am certain that it should use VR technology (Virtual Reality) at a certain point in future.

... i'll announce why it is so later, at appropriate moment, for now only this: .

it's a Project for Buddha Karmapa 17th Trinley Thaye Dorje - if/when it's accepted.


NIDAN 3D Demos Project.



Simple Cryptographic app, use at Your own risk, if You wish.

while cipher's strength upgrade is theoretically possible, there are certain advantages of keeping cipher weak.

- probably still legal a tool,

- less problems associated with using too much of strength,

- idiots won't be harmed too much, perhaps. they can try really hard to break a cipher, perhaps they will succeed. but this still increases cost(s) of a decipher, effort, lost time, etc ... perhaps.



a Calculator app in development.


'Nanite War' Computer Game - work in progress.……

looking for offers for Art (graphics, animations, sound, poetry, etc...).



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Empiric Madness (Madness, Psychology, Spiritual & Related, plus Wisdom of The Divine Madman, Drukpa Kunley):

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Magic: the Gathering Ethical Champion: mtg-ethical-champion.blogspot.…

Chea's Journal (Magical Fantasy Story Blog):

continuation: (Neverwinter MMO Dragon Server, World of Warcraft)

Próba lokalizacji (niedokończona):

Helicopter Flight & Combat for AI by neo-mahakala-108:

Arma 3 Entertainment & Arts (preparing, it's hard for me - please give me time): arma-3-entertainment-art.blogs…

Northpeak Adventures (Magical Fantasy Story Blog): northpeak-adventures.blogspot.…

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Parapsychology, Magick, Spiritual & Related: parapsi-magick-spiritual.blogs…

Paco, Knife & Tarot Cards ( Mostly Esoterics, Lifestyle & Entertainment blog):

Resource Wallets:…

NIDAN Software & it's Culture:…

Empathy & Experiences: empathy-experiences.blogspot.c…

Ezo - Ero Crowd Control:…


Web:… .

email / GTalk / Google+: ,

Skype: andrzej.wysocki.

Discord: nm108.





Steam Community:…

Bioware Social Network:

Dragons of Atlantis story:… (Polish Paranormal Vortal) : -- user : neomahakala108

OBEFORUM.PL (Out of Body Experience Forum) :…

Forum Ezo:… (Polish Esoteric Sphere):… (Polish Electronics Forum):…

Oracle Community:…

Eidos (Deux Ex Human Revolution Creators) :……

Team Liquid:…



Buddhism related:

* 'Enlightenment is the Base, Way and Goal.'

* 'Everyone appreciates loving attention.'

* Everyone has something to give others. If not money then perhaps wisdom and compassion.

* Overconfidence is a weakness.

* Manjushri: Mind-just-HRIH ; )

* if one has to say something harmful, it's better to say nothing.

* does Perfection exist? even if not, striving toward Perfection still works...

* god is state of mind. knows everything is omnipotent, only sometimes misses reality... there'll be flame. because not only the god.

* god is mind's state associated with pride. thankfully there's proper mantra for exculsive pride complex.

* trying to understand how it works? you lack the knowledge to fuel your imagination.

* there are better ways of changing reality than your simplistic thinking patterns.


* i won't learn to love Wisdom again if i have to eat too much bacause of this.

Love, Art & Style:

* 'Everything can be beautiful.'

* 'Without love life has no meaning.'

* '... Don't know what to do? Feed the cat.'

* Artes Liberales (pl. Sztuki Wyzwolone, eng. Liberated Arts).

* There were times when i looked better.

* i think that Arts, Martial or Not, should be joined.

* Despite my about 5 years of training, i am not any 'half a black belt', i have only 7th kyu.

* 'All art is abstract, because art is an abstraction of the truth.' Milford Zornes

* 'You don't have to be more positive to attract what you want, you just have to be a little less negative'.

* Art alone is a shit, but they still will die for it.

* i have my style & tools, thankfully Art is Critical.

Information Technology & Hacking, Scientology related:

* be quick as the Internet and alert as dragonfly. and fully coordinated.

* MATEN argument: dragonfly-algorithm.blogspot.c… .

* 'Code is poetry'.

* 'System is never secure forever'.

* i am pro, even if i am a lamer.

* '‎Forget about being taught and concentrate on learning. When You are sure, question everything.'

* a theory that is completely incapable of being disproved is often described as 'metaphysical' or unscientific.

* 'since times of regular expressions, words in the Internet have magical power'.

* 'You will code, and i will code; we will form a network node...'

Insanity reality:

* 'Symbol is never explained forever'.

* 'In insane world, insane people are most normal'.

* Delusions pass.


Words i do not want to hear:



'Alorithmic Disease'

'Cheat Disorder'

and so on..


programming skill: semi-advanced (5 years of professional work, much more personal attempts, and education from various sources, including Warsaw University).

my stronger points as far as Computer Programming goes are:

- Low-Level Programming (C/Assembler),

- Concurrent Programming (coordinating separate code parts running at the same time),

- Programming Paradigms (mostly Object Oriented, also functional a little),

- Algorithms & Data Structures,

- Internet Applications, Distributed Applications.

... this includes both the grades i got at University, as well as the work experience & personal projects.

i am trying to catch up with:

- programming languages creation,

- hacking & security.

hacking skill: semi-advanced, but i have theoretical background of operating systems, programming and much more from uni and books.

in Karate rank system i'd give myself about 4th dan in programming & about 2nd kyu in hacking, currently. my ambitions in programming, hacking & writing secure applications are highest.

to advance to 1st kyu in hacking, i need to:

- Read SSL & TLS book of Eric Rescorla,

- Understand at least most basic of service communication protocols (there are few, including HTTP & SMTP).

to advance to 1st dan in hacking i need much more, including many scripts/programs made by myself & 'proper combat practice'.

i aim to be 'Universal Hacker, with a strong focus on Physics & Nanotech'.

math skill: strong basics, and background (which i have, for now a block). perhaps later it'll be easier to study, when i am ready and prepare for it. (i've tried to study Mathematics at Warsaw University too, not only Programming).

martial art styles:

i am on the Buddhist Way of Insight, i went through Acupuncture & Psychosomatic Conditioning Course at Very Young or Young age.

at this moment i am trying to train Tanto-Jitsu (knife combat), in School connected with Gosoku-Ryu Karate School.

mental blocks prevented me to train or say this for a while.

i've practiced mostly Karate Kyokushinkai (4 years, 7th kyu - blue belt with yellow), and Judo (1 year) but also tried Yawara (only one lesson, but my fighting style changed somehow), Kung-fu (i don't remember style name it was at early youth about age of 7-13), Aikido (including bokken, even if it was only one lesson), Jujutsu, Brazilian Wrestling, Krav-Maga, Western Wrestling, Other Karate Schools - Shotokan, Gosoku-Ryu. Also Tai-Chi, perhaps more. Totally about 5 years, perhaps little less. Plus more training at loose (without Dojo, without intense effort).

My ambitions for Martial Arts is up to 2nd dan, while doing best as possible before, at & after that rank.

i've fought on streets few times.

i've fought for life too.

i am interrested in martial arts philosophy, theory, and strategy and fighting lesson, which are useful for Mahakala activity (to be able to protect). in internal and external (now mostly to externalize) teachings.

i also read 'Mentalist Martial Arts', watch movies etc....

... i think i should train Kempo (Chinese Boxing & More), as well as Jiu-Jutsu (Eastern & Brazillian) & Aikido/Aiki-Karate/Aiki-Jutsu for my Martial Arts to be more complete.

... yoga, pilates, qigong, unarmed ways, kobudo, samurai arts & ninja arts are also of interrest for me.

but mostly it's religious practice for me.... i need to learn lotus and seizan meditative positions in preparation for Shine Meditation.



i studied but did not finish each of these:

- Mathematics (University of Warsaw),

- Environmental Engineering (Warsaw University of Technology),

- Computer Sciences (University of Warsaw).

now after about 5 years of professional work & more years of writing blogs, i am professionally-competent programmer & computer scientist ... and i wish to develop.

at older age planning to return to University of Warsaw, to finish to study Mathematics.


Socio-political views:

* Anti Consumerism.… .

* Democracy or Republic.

* Egalitarianism (equality for people, focus on group decision making)

* Pluralism (allowing many views, many roles, many areas of expertise)

* Important advisory role for those who are experts in certain area.

Favourite Visual Artist
Nerialka on DeviantART, Claude-Joseph Vernet, Luis Royo, narf-addict on DeviantART, Leonardo Da Vinci.
Favourite Movies
Matrix, Best of the Best, Fraggle Rock: Rock On!, Enter the Dragon, American Ninja, Blade Runner, Kickboxer, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon ... many more as well ...
Favourite TV Shows
Fashion TV.
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Blady Kris, The Enigma TNG, Alexandra, Jula, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, Inkubus Sukkubus, many more ...
Favourite Books
Too many to mention, many even unread yet ...
Favourite Games
Game of Love.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Real Life.
Tools of the Trade
Arts & Sciences, Buddhism & Esoterics.

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