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OCXchange Prompt: I Think We've Met Before

Here is my entry for the March OC-Art-Xchange drawing challenge! Each month, we're given a prompt (if we have time to participate) and at random we're given each other's characters to draw. This month I got :iconsaetje: I happen to know this talented young lady and her characters, and through roleplaying Cain and Veil already know each other. So for this prompt, I tried to approach it as them pretending to be meeting for the first time. Cain's forcing pleasantries, and gripping Veil's bony little forearm in the old medieval knightly way (which is usually a way they check to see if the other person has weapons under their sleeves). Of course...even when Cain is being civil, his big beefy man hand is crushing poor Veil. Having been on the receiving end of hand-crushing handshakes before, I know how Veil feels!

The picture doesn't really show it clearly, but I imagine that Elena may have 'introduced' the two, not immediately realizing that they already know each other. Elena kind looks like she's coming out of Cain's shirt. Elena, what are you doing in there? D:

I hope you like it, Tito!!

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Sarah-Petrulis's avatar
I think a lot of us can relate to this >>
Your line art is really nice and clean :3
neo-dragon's avatar
Haha, I sure can! Especially if I'm wearing my rings, a crushing handshake can be pretty painful! Ouch!
caat's avatar
Veil's expression is so pained - he's going to feel that for the next week at least... XD;

I agree though, those are really well drawn hands!
neo-dragon's avatar
Hahahaha!! Cain's got that bone-crushing handshake! Aww thank you! I enjoy drawing hands and I feel that they contribute a lot to a character's overall expression. :D
Saetje's avatar
^____^/ DAAANNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Aaah! I had no idea you had me, this is so awesome. I love their expressions, poor Veil >o<! This sends my mind racing about so many things-- like---maybe Elena DOES just live in Cain's shirt?! and why is Cain even hanging out with Elena?! And why does he feel a sense of duty to be NICE to Veil and will Veil's hand ever be okay?! ALSO CAN WE JUST TAKE A MOMENT TO RECOGNIZE THAT VEIL'S HANDS ARE GORGEOUS HERE. Thank you so much!
neo-dragon's avatar
\(^o^)/ TITOOOOO!!! I'm glad you like it!! One of the reasons I wanted to use Cain was just in case I got you, Jess or Jay. I figured Cain would be a fun 'introductory' character, and drawing Cain and Veil is always a lot of fun! Bwahaha it does bring about so many new mysteries!! If Elena lives in Cain's does she cook her dinners? On his glistening man-abs? Does Elena now smell like body cheese since Cain's got that man-stench going on? Maybe that's why she has trouble making friends as a teenager! Should have known it was from her living in Cain's shirt! Gosh, Elena! Well, at least she's getting her little man-harem started. ^3~

Veil's hand will never be the same.

AWWWW thank you!!! I'm glad you liked Veil's hands! I love drawing me some hands, and I felt like the gesture of his hands would contribute to his pained posture. :D
Robo-Shark's avatar
LOL poor Veil! I kept thinking of the possibilities if I'd been handed Cain, or Veil, to deal with Rafe ahahah. That's a firm grip there...I love the contrast between these two, with Cain's knightly muscular look and Veil's scrawny, bony limbs :D Awesome submission!
neo-dragon's avatar
Bwahahaha! I thought Cain might be fun for an introductory prompt. He's the type of character who likely makes an interesting first impression. ;) Thank you!!
Wild-Fire-1187's avatar
Question is why wouldn't Elena be in Cain's shirt?
neo-dragon's avatar
LOL. It is where Elena truly belongs, after all.
Wild-Fire-1187's avatar
Absolutely. It is her happy place.
"Elena! Calm down and find your happy place!"
Elane: "Fine!" >( *Crawls up Cain's shirt.* "Findahappyplacefindahappyplace..."
Cain: o_o
Saetje's avatar
I couldn't help it XDDD too good! Thanks Dana for the lovely artwork.
neo-dragon's avatar
AHHHHHHH!!!! :iconexcitedplz: This is both amazing and horrifying!! I love it, Tito!! Poor Cain, or is it poor Elena?
Wild-Fire-1187's avatar
Oh Lord, what have I done? XD That is hilarious with her little creeper eyes poking out the collar and Cain's just like "The f*** are you doing in there?"
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