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OC Sketch XChange - Our Hearts Are Together

Here is my submission for the August Sketch Exchange, of :iconmayocat:'s characters Juno and Maurice. :D I really didn't have much time to do art exchanges this month, but when I saw the subject, I just couldn't resist. :love: This past weekend I went to Anime Festival Orlando, and knowing that during a slow period at the art table may be the only real time I'll have, I printed all of the references and brought them with me to use. As a result, this was all done traditionally (which is pretty obvious by the butcher job my scanner did, though Maurice's foot really did run off the page. <shakes fist at not being able to just lasso tool the image and move it up> Darn you, Photoshop! You have spoiled me!)

The concept of the prompt was to think of a moment of time between the two characters and, upon reading their descriptions, I came up with the moment Juno realizes that Maurice's stronger than she thought. Hubba hubba. ;)

I hope you like it!
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Dude her pose looks awesome, great dramatic position! Your sketches are so clean! Lacking digital tools can be a pain at times lol, but I like your penciling a lot :V
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Aw! Dana, you're always so good at character interaction. Maurice's hands especially are just gorgeous, as always, just 8L wow! I also like the little detail of the girl's feet with the paw pads. I really like this one!

XDDD/ and oh man I know the feel of wanting digital tools when working traditional, and how "euughh!!" it can be to be limited by the paper's canvas. (o>.<)9"
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Dawwww they turned out amazing! Why can't I draw such awesome poses ;-;
Eeek thank you! VuV