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Fate Saga: Cyrus Sketches

Here are some sketches of Cyrus' newer design. It's very similar to his old one. The only major difference is his lack of booty and I tried to make his posture and face more expressive.

Fate Saga is a fantastical, action/drama animated series about fate and free will, and follows a knight who can see the future. If interested, check out the Fate Saga production blog at

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He's totally going to be one of my favorites. :D I love how very expressive he is (and this is outfit 1, right? it looks really good).
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Hey Dana!

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you with my own critique!

So here for Cyrus, first of all I've got to say great job as always on him. His face and especially his hands are so expressive and beautiful in their emotion. I really think Cyrus is the strongest character to empathize with because of this (hehe) and a lot of people are going to like him the best.

My critiques today are about his outfit and a few technical issues.

Anyway, I think Cyrus' outfit might need a bit of a revamping. The weird chest-plates don't really make much sense anymore, and although Cyrus is a bit zany, if he's truly dressing 'for the fight', he's at least got to know one of the most vulnerable places would not be his nipples (or WOULD they be?!) or thighs but the abdomen/stomach area. Ideally he'd want to cover the whole chest, though, because even if the top right armor block might be to protect his heart or somesuch, it's too small and he's leaving himself vulnerable there and to his clavicle area with the sleeveless shirt.

If cyrus knows how to sew, he's either going to wear a burlap sack, or at least TRY to imitate clothes he sees around him. I've always imagined his clothing could almost be a twisted peasant farmer outfit (since the scythe is something he might have gotten inspiration from seeing farmers reap their harvest in addition to his newfound fascination with death personified - or, if he was taught by a peasant, all the more reason to wear peasant clothes).

An idea is that what if instead of having a sort of skirt, it was more of a too-big-for-him tunic? I know it's supposed to be a robe underneath his shirt, but because robes are rarely sleeveless it does not come off this way, and instead looks like a skirt. With a long tunic you still keep the idea of a dress- [link] (obviously you don't have to keep the hat or the apron thing).

That, or I would bring back his old design where the robe was on the outside, and the sleeves were longer. You already have a lot of characters whose sleeves are non-existent and clothes are skin-tight, and Cyrus is a guy that likes to hide in his own clothes (with the hood), so it's an idea to take that further again.

Another thing that I think needs to be changed with whatever you go with is a new boot design. They look very, very similar to Cain's and, as a bad guy, something more pointed would be cool to see. I almost imagine knee-high boots for the guy, as well, and that could add a cool texture to it and let you bring up the skirt a little higher to make his outfit silhouette different from Larkspur's whose hem also ends right at her ankles (also, cutting off a form-hiding outfit right at a joint area can also be a little awkward, especially for the ankles since it makes them look leg-less) . So something more like these guys' shoes: [link] He doesn't have to make those boots himself, it's possible he stole them from someone.

Finally, Jess and I were talking and Jess also suggested the idea that the backpack also seemed a little out-of-place. I think it can be worked in as long as maybe a little more detail is added to make it seem to fit in that time period, and perhaps changing its shape from a perfect square to a slightly saggy shape or something that looks more man-made and made of animal skin.

So that's a lot to take in but here's my suggestion. Just reference images from google and medieval art (even costumes work) and an easy way to play with outfits is to just make a base of your character and use different layers to play with the clothes, like my buddy Kaitlyn Ritter did: [link] based on the reference I had found: [link] ! Yours will be more sketchy and have a lot more variation because you've got a lot of ideas you can and should try out, but it's a beautiful example nonetheless. I think even if you are a little wary of changing his outfit, just go for it and see if something comes up that you like. It's worth a try to update this character's costume to better reflect his unique past, personality, and skills and set him apart from the others.

For technical critiques, be sure you're paying mind to how many heads Cyrus is. He's looking around ~8 1/2-9 now and I thought Cyrus was supposed to be shorter than Cain? His legs are also a little bit longer than his pelvis-to-upper-torso area, which you CAN do, but you should reserve it for taller characters because it makes them look, well, tall. Also, another technicality would be something i also see happening with Larkspur, and it's that be sure to round out the line of bottom of his skirt/dress because since you're making the line so straight, you're flattening out the character and making it appear as though they have no legs. If we see the top of their shoes then the perspective would call for the bottom of their dress to be a more convex curve than it currently is- [link] [link] notice how the bottom of these dresses curve out.

Also, just here's something interesting! I got these images off of wikipedia although I'm not sure of the date but these seem like things Cyrus would see and want to emulate: [link]

Anyway, good luck and best wishes. If you need anything or have any questions let me know! Over all it's looking great and you're doing a fantastic job. Cyrus has always been a favorite of mine so i'm excited to see what happens with him :).
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You really have managed to capture more emotions here, well done. He's always seemed like a great and relatable character though ^_^
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Is he going to have to deal with comments about wearing a "dress" now?
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As his voice actor I must say that this is SO AWESOME! Looking at art of my character is so cool and really helps me understand how he poses and how he reacts to different emotions! I am going to have a lot of fun voicing him especially when he interacts with the other actors! I love you Cyrus, because you're crazy like me!
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Oh man I love this even more, and I already loved Cyrus. You really have captured more expressiveness in him here, and it's wonderful! He's such an emotional character who can go to huge extremes, and I love being able to see that here. He looks so desperate in some of these and then so wildly powerful in others, but as if he's still on the edge of a breakdown. I love it.
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I liked him better with the girl hips. >>
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