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April 16, 2011
Fate Saga Animated Trailer by ~neo-dragon CATEGORY: Film/Flash The suggester states, "My good friend spent over a year making this trailer for her pitch for an original animated series, and it went really well! She is going to go somewhere, I know it. I think she deserves to be seen more and to get more support."
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Fate Saga Animated Trailer

EDIT: [link] Fate Saga has just launched on Kickstarter! It will end at 3:40PM on Tuesday, October 4. Between now and then, $11,000 must be raised in order for the funding project to be successful. This is where we need you! Tell your friends! Tell your family! Tell your neighbors, your neighbor's friends and even complete strangers! If you or anyone you know would like to see Fate Saga pilot - and, possibly, the series - launch, this is the time where you can personally help set one of the most important milestones in Fate Saga's future!


This is a trailer to my original animated series, Fate Saga. Fate Saga is the story of fate and free will, and follows Cain, a knight who can see the future. Cain's visions take him to a town called Duero, which is about to succumb to a civil war. This is a trailer of the pilot episode, which focuses on Cain and Cyrus' rivalry. Cyrus is a mercenary who works for the town's governor, to take down his enemies. Cyrus enjoys his job a little too much, and thus he is often the subject of Cain's visions.

The pilot episode is currently in production. Its progress can be found on the Production Blog - [link]

Other Fate Saga artwork can also be found on the DeviantART group - :iconfatesaga:

Fate Saga would have never reached its potential without the amazing crew I have the honor and pleasure of working with. The credits can be found here - [link]

Fate Saga © Dana Corrigan.
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vastolordefreddy's avatar
What? OMG! Coooooooool! :katana:
RAMWOC87's avatar
This was really good! ^ ^
Lege-Artis's avatar
This sounds like a dream coming true :D
Seriously, seeing your OC's moving and talking is like watching your children play. I'm vary happy for you! How many of you work on the project? How advanced it is?
I'm not so much into anime, but I love 2d animation being created in the days everyone believes in 3d. Do you animate cell by cell or use tweens?
firedemon98's avatar
i would love to see a movie and your story it was alwsome
neo-dragon's avatar
Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it! You can see more of Fate Saga's material on the Fate Saga production blog!
kris258's avatar
this looks awsome cant wait to see it
Harharg99's avatar
How did u do that wow keep up the good work
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TheDocta's avatar
That was amazing,
neo-dragon's avatar
Thank you very much! If you're interested, Fate Saga has a production blog that is chronicling the development of the series, with voice acting tests, animation tests, concept art, promotional illustrations and updates to the pitch and pilot episode! [link]
Director1265's avatar
Holy shit, that was cool!
neo-dragon's avatar
Thank you so much! We're currently working on promoting the series and developing the pilot episode!
Director1265's avatar
Go for it! It totally looks like it has some good potential! Can you tell me more about the characters and the plot?
neo-dragon's avatar
Absolutely! :D Fate Saga has a production blog that has a video of the pitch (the top post), concept art, information about the characters and story, voice acting tests, animation tests, merchandise (not yet available to buy but it will be in the future :) ), polls, guest art and pieces of the pilot episode-in-progress! [link]
iLuvMangaAndAnime's avatar
This is amazing howd you do it?
neo-dragon's avatar
Thank you so much! The characters are animated in Flash. The backgrounds are done in Maya and the compositing/color correction is done through After Effects. All of the editing is done in Premiere. If you're interested in seeing the progress and getting a inside view in the production, feel free to visit Fate Saga's blog - [link] We're currently working on a pilot episode and promoting the series. Hopefully sometime in the near future we can get sponsorship or get the series picked up and the work will really begin! :D
MegganBlack's avatar
Awesome, Neo! And congrats on the DD!<3 It was well deserved!
neo-dragon's avatar
The concept looks interesting. I'd watch it! :)
neo-dragon's avatar
Thank you so much for your interest! :D If you'd like, feel free to follow the series' progress on the blog! There we have concept art, voice acting and animation tests as well as the updated information about the state of the pilot episode! If we can get enough support and excitement, we'll have a better chance of getting the series picked up! :boogie: Crossing your fingers always helps, too. ;)
Yeah I'll check it out for sure! Best of luck!
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