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FS: Cain Model Sheet version 2

This is just one of four model sheets. To see the rest, along with previous Cain concepts and an overview of how his design got to this point, please visit the Fate Saga Production blog! [link]

Here are some model sheets I did for Cain's new design. The new design is based on some concept drawings I've been working on with the help and critique of some amazing people, including Tracy, Jess, Celia, Razi and Megan. Thank you guys so much!!

Currently model sheets for the other characters are in progress and I'm hoping to put together some test animations with the new designs in the near future!
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Very nice new design. :) I really like the bigger sword for him. I love the bottom two expressions too, he has a sweet smile. :D
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Thank you! I'm glad you like him! Aww Cain can look sweet when he wants to. And I agree that the bigger sword looks better on him. :D
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Let's just hope he's not compensating.... ;P
neo-dragon's avatar
MMMmmm nope! The size of a man's sword doesn't mean anything. Nope! Nuh uh! Of course now! >w>
avi17's avatar
Of course not. ;P