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Ok, I just went on a trip with time lord and suddenly I'm six months in the future.


...Seriously, where did the time go?? It seems like just yesterday I was leaving for California! Sorry for the lack of activity, pretty much all my artwork has been work oriented, and due to NDA's I can't show anything! =( I've been doing some sketches and other things, but nothing really worthwhile to post. But I will have a new stained glass window illustration soon.

Thank you everyone for all of your support in my absence! I can't believe I missed the getting 20,000 pageviews bench mark! Should have been around to do a kiriban for the person who was Mr. 20,000. Hopefully I can catch 25,000!

I WILL be getting more active again. I need to do more artwork outside of work and ya'll are going to hold me accountable.

Thanks again, and Merry Christmas! :holly:


P.S. For those of you wondering my internship is absolutely amazing! Just got extended for another three months and blessed for it. You can do art for a living, so never be discouraged!
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So at last the day (well almost) has arrived! Tomorrow I start out on my long 8-day trek to California (we're making a lot of stops on the way...). And then it's getting settled, and starting my new internship by the 18th. So bless ya'll for being patient while I'm going to absent for the next 3 weeks or so! Take care everyone!!


P.S. Been playing my first video game in like a year or so. Zelda in fact. So that makes me wonder about doing a stained glass window of it. Problem is the games already have their own version. I wouldn't duplicate it of course (what fun is there in that??). But good idea? Bad idea? Would love to hear your feedback when I get to cali! XD
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Well, all the events have led up to this fantastic news that I heard a couple of days ago - I got an internship! It's with WDI (Walt Disney Imagineering), and I start in June! It is such a blessing, and I'm so excited for it. Theme Parks all the way, YEAH! I'll submit links to some animatics showing some projects I've worked on for fun in my own free time.

Bad news is...for those of you who have been reading will cause a delay on the release on the next story I've been working on for it. Sorry! =( It's written out and I'm get the designs panned out for it, but I haven't even tackled the thumbnails yet) And I may not have as many stained glass pieces done either while I'm going through my things and getting packed. But I will do what I can! Thank you for your patience!

And thank you again for all your support! It is always an honor, and keeps me reminded why I got into art in the first place. ^___^
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Ok, so, I'm usually not talkative because I'm super busy, but this came up and I'm so excited I just have to share! I got featured on FREAKIN' COMICS ALLIANCE!! How sweet is that?…

On top of being a Finalist team of the Disney ImagiNations competition (just came back from LA the other day), learning I have a student scholarship to the Themed Entertainment Association Summit, and being told that if I move to LA I have potentially 2 job opportunities, this month has been AMAZING.

I want to thank all of you have been watching me for a few years now, and have been incredibly supportive. I appreciate all your feedback and critiques, it has only pushed me forward. I just hope that I can keep this up!

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Ok, for those of you who don't know, I sell my stained glass images at my etsy shop. (…)  And from now till December 17 (because it is the last day of guaranteed arrival by Christmas day) I am offering a special. Buy any of my prints, you get free shipping!

The coupon code is:

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Hey everyone! Wow, this took a LOT longer than I expected. But at long last, I have transparency prints for my Batman Stained Glass Window print:

Here is where you can buy one, if you are interested!…

Thank you for your patience! =D
My portfolio:

Heya ladies and gentlemen! If you by chance are going to heading to Baltimore Con this weekend, come find me at table 32. *thumbs up* This is my first big comic con, I'm totally psyched.

Good news besides that is when I come back, I FINALLY figured out all the glitches with my transparency prints, so I will post them for sale sometime next week.

And a comic I've been working on will be available for sale too. =3 It's been my 'secret project'.

Have a lovely day everyone!


Hi ya'll! I have been so thrilled that you like my stain glass idea! Due to the requests I have gotten, I have been prepping my stain glass batman for print. Unfortunately due to several complications this has been delayed until I can buy a proper printer. However, I can at least I can give ya'll a price range for how much the prints will cost so I will know what to print when the time comes. Hopefully this will all be settled in a couple of weeks. The price ranges are below.

On Transparency (aka clear so it can really imitate stain glass):

Full Window including Rose (circular) Window and Lancets on 11 x 17: $25

Full Window including Rose Window and Lancets on 8.5 x 11: $15

Batman Rose Window: $12

Individual Lancets: $8

           Choice of Red Hood, Nightwing, Batgirl, Tim Drake or Alfred

Regular Print

Full Window including Rose (circular) Window and Lancets on 11 x 17: $20

Full Window including Rose Window and Lancets on 8.5 x 11: $12

Batman Rose Window: $10

Individual Lancets: $6

           Choice of Red Hood, Nightwing, Batgirl, Tim Drake or Alfred

As soon as I have them printed, I'll post them on my Etsy shop for purchase. Again, thank you so much for your interest, and I hope everyone is having a lovely summer so far! =D
For those who are interested, I have set up my professional portfolio website at the following address:

For everyone else, sorry I haven't updated in a while. You can check out my portfolio site for more recent pieces and I'll add those to my gallery here sooner or later.

Best Wishes,
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You know, I'm surprised there are people who still look at my work especially since I update very infrequently. XDD So thank you for all your support!

Ummm...I'll update more stuff soon. I'm trying to trademark an idea of mine, and once I do that I'll start posting it. I have a TON of sketches for it so I'm excited.

Also working on Disney Imagineering competition, but can't show that stuff till it's submitted. Sorry ya'll.

Time to go back to work now. Happy Holidays!!
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Yeah. I'm exhausted, I'm tired, I want to go to bed but I'm so thrilled to be an artist. I spent the entire weekend in the company of fantastic artists such as Sanford Greene, Sean Galloway, Tim Townsend, Bernard Chang, Tommy Lee Edwards, Andy Runton, Colleen Coover, Tom Bradford, Guy Davis, Mike I really need to continue this list?

I got a lot of great critiques and a chance to show my face to the comics community. It was terrifying, enlightening and a brilliant amount of fun. If any of ya'll happen to pass by - thank you for the wonderful experience and your gentility. Heaven knows I was probably a loud, obnoxious, stuttering fool for the entire time and ya'll were nice enough to take me seriously. Mostly. XDD

And for any of you new artists out there - GO TO CONS. Not anime cons - even though they're kinda good for making money...go to comics cons, where other artists are. You'll be poor, you'll be humbled by all the beautiful art is out there, and be reminded of how far you have to go. Yet at the same time it elates you, inspires you. Don't jump in on it so late like I did, trust me, you'll regret it.

By the way...I've noticed that by for some weird reason I'm almost at 10,000 page views. So, here's the deal - the person who happens to be my 9,999 customer gets a free inked commission of a character of their choice. It's the least I can do to thank ya'll for checking out my work! ^_^
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Curse you storyboards! Why do I have such a lovely vision in my head, and yet I cannot translate you to paper? Why, why why! >.<

And thus you see why I'm writing this. I'm stuck. I have no other homework. I even finished writing the short story that's due in two weeks. I should probably be trying to compile my Pitch Bible, but I'm unsure until I get all my materials prepared. WHY CAN'T I DRAW YOU STORYBOARDS WHY??

Oh well. I'll try again anyway.

At least I'm posting stuff again right? Right? =D
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Ahahahahahah!!! My comic for the "Break" Anthology is finished unless someone tells me to fix it but regardless it's DONE!!

The Anthology is a thing that a bunch of students from SCAD and also a few random people are putting together to self published. Supposedly it will be ready in time to sell at SPX which will be totally AMAZING!! :heart: Plus I got to spend a ridiculous amount of time on this silly thing so it actually looks decent and worth putting into a portfolio! ^___^

Now to work on my Katara costume for Halloween and/or the comic adaptation of Hans Christien Anderson's "The Little Mermaid" that I want to do... =3
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It's a hate love relationship...but I've been watching The Fashion Show on Bravo - and so I am going to totally spam all of you and say...

GO VOTE FOR ANNA OR JOHN PAUL!! NNNNNNOOOOOOOOWWWW!!! :shakefist: A collection based on Bosch's "Garden of Earthly Delights" and another that actually thinks of shapes and duality while incorporating indigenous tribes? C'mon!! That's totally awesome!! ;__;

Daniella's cool but reminds me way too much of Alexander McQueen (even though I love him *sigh*). The other two are just more unique and cooler! Support them or fashion will be stuck in a rut FOREVER!! :cry: Well, that's a bit of an exaggeration but you get the point...

I'll have a new piece in a few days! =D I'm experimenting with Coral Painter... *happy happy*
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I must say I never knew the forums had so many people going through them...I'm ashamed that I never realized such a thriving community existed here. For any of my viewers who missed the fireworks, I posted this in a forum last night:… I was an idiot for doing it, it was not the right place for this topic and I am glad I did it so I could get the experience.

I do feel that I must apologize to some people, however. The post I wrote last night in fit of passion - and in my heart of hearts, fear - not only did not correctly reflect my stand as an artist, but also offended, angered and confused readers. That was not my intention - I posted it to express my fears and my worries for the comic industry. Since I do plan and am going to school to be a digital colorist and script writer for comics, to see a declining market terrifies me - that the jobs I'm looking for will not exist. However, I should have never acted in fear and force my opinions and desires over fans and viewers. This was wrong of me, and I am very sorry. To the people who expressed kind words to me I thank you for doing so. But mostly, I thank all of you who reprimanded me for what I had foolishly said.

I will say this - yes, I did started writing it as a complaint about people not viewing my pieces that I felt were better. I should have edited it after I posted it as a journal to address more of the issues I feel are in comics in general instead of making it sound like a whine-fest of people not liking me. I should have better expressed my opinions more objectively, thought more thoroughly on the topic and cited sources for my viewpoint.

Secondly, I do not think I'm a great artist. I wouldn't be spending a ridiculous amount of money each year for schooling if I thought that was the case. I know I still have much more to learn, just go to the bottom of this post and you'll see a list of people that I feel are far more deserving of views. I also know and acknowledge people have their personal preferences and tastes, and what might appeal to me might not appeal to others. And I do love my art and doing it regardless of what people think, otherwise I wouldn't be at art school, majoring in it and trying to learn and improve.

Thirdly, I feel that some perceive that I hate Manga which is not the case. In fact many of the pieces I mentioned if not all are Manga titles. I’m not saying Manga is dying because it’s bad, there are several good titles, I’m saying it will fade out and be pushed to the side because the fans let it happen. It's just how it works, it makes very sad but that's how it goes. I speak from what I know from professional comic artists who teach me their trade as my professors. I also have had access and conversations with editors from companies such as Dark Horse, Viz Media and Vertigo. That’s where my opinion for Manga’s decline comes from, not from a lack of views. In fact, this whole experience I think has shown me better what I need to prepare for as an artist to appeal to a larger audience. And I thank you.

However, I do wish people would be more civilized and less boarish when counteracting an argument. This is one of the things that creates the stigma that comics have. I know the readers are passionate about the subject, but it certainly makes the experience of liking comics less pleasurable for everyone. And it definitely turns off people who might have a slight interest in picking up comics because then they think all fans are like that. Then the comics don’t get the money from those potential new readers. Old readers disgusted by the new generations stop reading, and so money becomes limited there. So it becomes less lucrative, and publishers move to something else to make a profit. These things are inevitable, you study comics history and the same thing happens over and over. I hate to so this happen, so even though I'm aware any effort I make to change that is fruitless, I want to try anyway.

Sometimes people don't realize how fans and fandoms are essential to all art, especially Manga and comics. Without fans artists would have no one to work for, and certainly no one to purchase their work. My wish is that these passionate individuals look outside of what they are familiar with and spread their excitement everywhere. I wish for their enjoyment for a medium to grow and expand, and never get boring. There are just so many beautiful pieces and styles to discover and explore, and I wish I had started to look around much sooner. It's a handicap I do not want others to experience.

So all you fans out there - thank you for looking at art, thank you for buying comics, and thank you for supporting the artists. I don't think this is ever expressed enough from artists when we really need to do it more often.

People who are deserving of viewerhship:

:iconecthelian: :iconcaptainosaka: :iconmoonwarrior3: :iconclaparo-sans: :iconirulana: :icongtako: :iconinkmaiden: :iconcorankizerstone: :iconheartofhikage: :iconmeredithdillman: :iconoriana132: :iconperfectfourth: :iconrann-poisoncage: :iconreal4fantasy: :iconapsaravis: :iconthegreatmrchibi: :iconzeiva: :iconzeiva: :icondai-gurren-lagann: :iconcoeykuhn: :iconbright-nature: :iconkorva-chan: :iconmoonlightspectre: :iconmynolikeclowns: :iconironshod: :iconmerlot: :iconponcy-rogue: :iconorin: :iconpuimun: :iconshadowlotus2: :iconshuui: :icontheblob: :iconheterodoxy-pix:
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Ok, I went back and looked at the pieces in my gallery...and realized a lot of them did not need to be there. So I have removed them - but they are still on DA as my scrapbook! =D If anyone is interested in seeing any of my old work just look in the scrap section of my gallery.

I'd just thought I let you know! ^_^
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I found out on Newsarama that the Henson company has made a deal with Archaia Studio Press!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: They'll be making new stories from Labyrinth, Mirror Mask and the Dark Crystal!! :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

I have not been this excited about a comic announcement in a long time! I nearly had a heart attack as I read the article! Now some will argue that there already titles out like that (Return to Labyrinth >.>) by Tokyopop. Ummm...I'm sorry. I'm glad Toykopop is trying to support young artists but the stories and art weren't that well developed.

But Archaia Studio Press does simply GORGEOUS work!! Fully illustrated AND colored with a strong emphasis on storytelling. Plus they do a ton of historical fiction/fantasy work. =D I am so excited in seeing what they come out with!! I'll be sitting on the edge of my seat until those titles are released (they're doing Fraggle Rock first!).

For those of you not familiar with ASP, here's their website:

Go! Look at their work! Support them - because I want to work for them someday! :w00t:
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I have just spent half of my day reorganizing and categorizing my colored pencils. And laying strip of color and labeling them so I don't have to make a streak every time I need to figure out what color I'm using. ^^; I couldn't help it! I'm doing a piece for the Kick your own ss contest (link here:…) and seeing my pencils in such a mess threw me for a loop!! Anywho...

Yay Summer! =D Boo for trying to find a part time job in this economy. >.<

As a gentle reminder, I am opening up slots for commissions or art trades for anyone who's interested. Just so you know! :aww:

Now go outside and enjoy the summer sunshine!
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Yeah, I'm right smack dab in the middle of finals, and I should be studying for my final exam tomorrow but my brain isn't working right now...sooooo...

I'll bother ya'll instead with my announcement!! =D


I am now opening up my schedule for commissions and art trades. I've never made this offer before on here, and I really should have started years ago. Just send me a note if you're interested. Prices will be negotiated depending on the medium, the amount of detail and your price range. =D And of course Art Trades are free!!

Plus I'm interested in practicing my digital coloring, so if you have any lineart you want colored just let me know!! :aww:

So yeah. Summer! Woot.
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Yeah, just to give ya'll a small update to let you know I'm alive. The only reason I can do this today is because a class got canceled... =D

Anywho...I'll have tones of stuff to post when I have time. My classes are AWESOME event though they're kinda heavy. Even my history class is awesome...but then is the history of comic books. :giggle: I'm going to go and actually work on my assignments. Later!