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d: Fateful Kiss :b by nenuiel d: Fateful Kiss :b by nenuiel
Forgive for starting out with a corny piece...but hey! Lancelot and Guinivere did kiss! And it was fateful! XP

This is actually a sample for a new style that I'm trying to develop. It's based on stain glass, obviously, and is a work in progress. I'm just curious in hearing if any of you would be interested in a comic if it looked like this.

Please critique and review! I would love to hear what you have to say! Thank you for your time and have a lovely day!
Andy-Mantis Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2008  Professional Filmographer only nitpick is at the lines themselves (the bit you probubly don't want to fix)
the lines have an organic hand-draw feel to them which doesn't work with the very gerometric style you choose.

I think you could realy make this work for you if you made the drawings be a stained glass window, rather than an intepretation of one, the wrot iron is probubly far from perfectly linear in real stained glass from that age so if you added some texture to give the black line dimeson, it might flow better.

Same with the light source, right now it's just an illustrative version of stained glass the light is hitting everything very evenly(which works very well), I think it would be very interesting if the lighting mimicked real stained glass and weren't so evenly lit, and even affected the glass itself at times, (ie, a very violent sence lit by red dusky light)

and that is all of my nitpicking for today.

...but not realy, one more for ya, the colors seem awfuly desaturated for stained glass.
nenuiel Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2008
Well thank you very much for your reviews! I certainly appreciate it! I am trying to remedy the problem with the lines...hopefully in a couple of weeks (if work allows). I also didn't think of the geometric quality in comparison with the organic quality of the line. That is something I will keep an eye out for next time around. And you are the first person I've shown this to who has thought the colors were desaturated! You gave me an idea! =D Thank you again for all your criticism! :hug:
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