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Weekly Sketch 10.16.14 by nenuiel Weekly Sketch 10.16.14 by nenuiel
I am going to try and be more consistent with these, gosh darn it! Daily is clearly a bad idea for me right now, but I'm still gonna to shoot for it!

Other samples:
Mary Blair Study - 08.29.14

These are my little exercises to experiment and learn from different storytellers. So the goal is the find a screencap, do a quick rendering of that in a stylized way. Then I take it one step further, and do a concept sketch based solely on the original drawing - no reference. (even though I did cheat briefly with the wolf - I wanted to make sure the anatomy was somewhat correct)

So obviously, Lord of the Rings was the original screen cap (ya'll have no idea how obsessed I have been with this lately...there will be more...). The concept sketch is featuring the battle between Draugluin the direworlf and Huan the hound from Tolkien's Silmarillion.

This exercise I was just trying to work with tri tones. No shading or blending - just hatching to create some variants. I love the original screencap's use of negative space and values to pop silhouettes, and wanted to play with that.

Feedback and critique are always appreciated!

Lord of the Rings copyright of Tolkien, Middle Earth Enterprises, and New Line cinema. Original concept sketch copyright of me.

Feel free to share, but care to give credit! =D Thanks!
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October 16, 2014
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