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Sailor Moon Stained Glass


The next piece of my stained glass illustrations collection. I have always had a love and appreciation for stained glass, and it has been fun figuring out compositions using traditional formats. =D

I LOVED this show when I was younger, and am incredibly psyched for the rerelease of the series. (I know what I will be saving money for... =3)
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Sorry to report seeing this again but it's being sold on a rug that was advertised to me on FB:…
Hey, someone is using your designs for a Star Wars shirt. I figured you'd like to know since you sell prints of your work.
Reikamigirl's avatar
If there ever was a Kingdom Hearts parody, this would be in the game along with any other anime princesses.
MetricZero's avatar
This is awesome. How do you make these?
AdorkaStock's avatar
FYI just saw this on a Facebook ad for a t-shirt. No idea if they have permission. It's on teechip
infinity003's avatar
this needs to be real so we can buy it!! And it can grace our homes!
It's so beautiful :iconkawaiicrazyplz:
JennaTheMaid's avatar
Nice, keep up the good artwork
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Your work is being stolen on Etsy again. :(…
eltraumado's avatar
This is wonderful!
Sigma-Astra's avatar
Someone is using your Sailor Moon stained glass to make iPhone covers without your permission, I just wanted to let you know.…
FireFlea-San's avatar
Your work has been stolen and is being sold on Etsy:

BathedInSin's avatar…

Someone on etsy is using other people's work to make profit and yours is on here... Sorry but I wanted to let you know
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Is this an actual stained glass piece, or is it a Photoshop picture of a stained glass piece? 
nenuiel's avatar
It is an illustration meant to imitate stained glass. As much as I love the actual medium, I have the unfortunate tendency to be very accident prone. =)
bluesaphire6's avatar
Ah I see!  It's very beautiful nonetheless.  :)
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Really good, Kingdom Hearts's design
beloved-mirai's avatar
i didnt know it was your art :) i removed the stolen art from my favourites and put this one
nenuiel's avatar
Much appreciated! I am glad you liked this piece enough to fav it not once but twice!
FragmentsofMagic's avatar
Someone stole this picture from you I've reported it already but i thought you should know
nenuiel's avatar
Thank you so much! I've sent a message to the person, since she has yet to remove it. I appreciate you looking out for me!

FragmentsofMagic's avatar
of course darling ^^
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